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A list of the qol changes made in RTDX.

This list will be updated periodically with anything else I discover as I play. Feel free to tell me of any I might not know of, and I'll add them.
1.Felicity bank gives a daily gift when interacting with Persian (deposit or withdraw).
  1. Using the auto-attack (A button) on an enemy 2 tiles away will either taunt, or only use 2 tile-ranged moves if you have any.
  2. All items have detailed pictures in the toolbox and Kangaskhan Storage. Beautiful.
  3. Ranking up your team rank not only can increase your toolbox size, but the amount of slots in camps (universal, not 1 camp only), the number of teams you can have, and most importantly, the amount of jobs you can have accepted at once.
  4. You can rename you, your partner, and your team at any time now from the main menu. (added by u_mebukijika)
  5. Scanner and Radar perks are now always enabled by default, viewable in dungeon info under settings. (added by u_BashingKeyboard)
  6. Jobs are now automatically accepted upon choosing them. (added by u_BashingKeyboard)
  7. Holding R+A will skip time after whiffing once. (added by u_11clock)
  8. You can save at any point in dungeons now, Kangaskhan statues no longer help you save your game. (added by u_stargirl09)
  9. The IQ system being replaced by the much better Rare Qualities system.
  10. Overhaul of Makuhita Dojo, with tickets for entry, all mons being weak to your typing, free revives, etc.
  11. Changing your leader at any time is now an option (barring situation like stealing from Kecleon.)
  12. Linked moves no longer give exp, but do not delink when one runs out of PP.
  13. Vastly improved cutscenes.
  14. Certain postgame dungeons have been buffed.
  15. Treasure boxes now auto-open at the end of an adventure.
  16. Shining dungeons award more items and Pokedollars.
  17. Shiny Pokemon are a thing now. (10-18 added by u_ScarfShock)
  18. Pokemon in friend areas earn exp even when not on an adventure.
  19. Recruiting a Pokemon, then turning them down at the end of the mission awards Pokedollars instead.
  20. Starters have enhanced move pools.
  21. Being able to buy new camps in a dungeon via Wigglytuff Orb. (19-22 added by u_Pritskai)
  22. A certain Diglett had so much fun digging, that a fast travel tunnel between the player's house and Pelipper Post Office is now available. Located down and to the right at both ends. (added by u_stargirl09)
  23. List of all Items, RQs, Abilities, and Statuses accessible at any time. (added by u_comfei)
[Under Construction]
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Are some of us Aspies?

Case report for Mr B matches me to a T.
Substance-use disorder in high-functioning autism: clinical and neurocognitive insights from two case reports Laurence Lalanne,corresponding author1,2 Luisa Weiner,1,2 Benoit Trojak,3,4 Fabrice Berna,1,2 and Gilles Bertschy1,2 Author information Article notes Copyright and License information
Case presentation Here, we report two cases of HFA adults who use alcohol and psychostimulants to cope with their anxiety and improve their cognitive abilities and social skills. We analyze how neurocognitive traits associated with HFA may be potential triggers for substance-use disorder.
Conclusion Better identification of autism and its cognitive impairments, which may be vulnerability traits for developing substance-use disorders, could help improve the diagnosis and treatment of substance-use disorders among this population.
Keywords: Substance-use disorders, Autism, Cognitive disabilities Go to: Background Several psychiatric co-morbidities have been associated with High-Functioning Autism (HFA), but a surprisingly low prevalence of substance-use disorders (SUDs) has been reported in this population [1] (results of a study involving 122 patients). Furthermore, another study [2] Case presentation Mr. B. and Mr. T. Mr. B., a 45-year-old single man, was admitted to our psychiatric department for the first time in 2009. He was socially withdrawn. Upon being admitted to our department, he requested treatment for anxiety and major depression co-morbid with alcohol dependency. As he described it, his depressive episodes in the past could rapidly switch to mania. The current episode had lasted for 2 months. When we met him, he presented with a sad mood associated with a worsening of symptoms in the morning hours, early-morning waking, psychomotor retardation, weight loss, and excessive guilt. His constant anxiety led him to spend the whole day, and sometimes the whole night, wandering the streets. He had a very rigid schedule and an impressive calendar memory. His social behavior was aloof and naïve. For example, due to his difficulty with mental state attribution, he might give his house keys to complete strangers if asked to do so. His communication style was very detailed, egocentric and literal. He only showed an interest in talking about his main passions, such as detailed historical events and politics. Mr. B. explained that ever since early childhood he had always been lonely and had always lacked “social intelligence.” He displayed many types of ritualistic and restricted behaviors. For example, he bought the same food in the supermarket every day, his time was spent on the same activities, at the same time, every day, and his interests were restricted to history, as well as international and national politics. When something unexpected happened, like a tram being late, he showed increased anxiety and an intense craving for alcohol and smoking which led him to consume both substances in a compulsive manner. The patient reported a heightening of his attentional capacity after smoking, and lower anxiety levels after drinking alcohol. Owing to alcohol intoxication, he stopped tending to his apartment and accumulated a lot of debts. In the past, he had tried to cut back on his drinking, but such attempts had lasted less than a week. His addiction to alcohol and cigarettes began when he was an adolescent. During the first interview, he was diagnosed as tobacco and alcohol dependent according to DSM-IV criteria (Fagerström score: 10; Alcohol use disorders test = 35, >12), as well as suffering from a major depressive episode.
In his psychiatric history, he had been admitted to other departments of psychiatry three times for the same reason between 1989 and 2009. Psychiatrists concluded he was suffering from a bipolar disorder coupled with alcohol abuse. His father, whom Mr. B described as a lonely man with many hobbies, had autistic traits and was being treated for bipolar disorder. At the age of 8, he had no school friends and was only interested in reading books. He had no interest in playing with other children or in sports. Although no significant delay was ever reported in language or academic functioning, ever since his childhood, Mr. B. has been described as aloof. He walks on tiptoe, cannot ride a bicycle or tie his shoelaces, and his handwriting is described as “clumsy”. During his early adult life, he excelled academically, studying political science and international relations before obtaining a degree in ethnological science. When he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1989, he stopped studying, and has been employed only for short periods.
His developmental history, as well as his current clinical picture, is consistent with ASD diagnosis according to the DSM-IV criteria and quantitative screening and diagnostic measures, such as the Autism Spectrum Questionnaire (AQ [7]). A comprehensive neuropsychological battery was administered. Mr. B.’s score on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - 3rd edition (WAIS - III) indicated that he has an average IQ (FSIQ = 92), with higher verbal abilities than visuo-perceptive skills, and a significantly slow processing speed, probably due to dyspraxia and attentional difficulties. In memory tasks, Mr. B. is able to encode and retrieve symbolic verbal information, such as information about his restricted interests (e.g., newspapers, history textbooks), but encoding and retrieval of other types of verbal information are difficult. With most of the visual episodic memory tasks, his results were below average, especially with those that relied more on attentional resources. His social cognition and empathy skills as a whole are impaired. Furthermore, Mr. B.’s neuropsychological profile is characterized by difficulties with set-shifting and cognitive flexibility (in the Trail Making Test, Hayling test, Six Elements Test, and with verbal fluency tasks), weak central coherence—as observed in his copy of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure as well as his highly developed memory for historical and cultural facts (e.g., “Information” subtest of the WAIS-III)—and social cognition impairments. His neuropsychological profile is consistent with both the clinical picture already described (behavioral and social rigidity, restricted interests, and impairments of mental attribution) and the major neuropsychological theories applicable to ASDs.
Mr. B.’s treatment for his mood disorder in 2009 was 2 g valproic acid per day and 200 mg lamotrigine. To avoid delirium tremens, his alcohol withdrawal was managed with 30 mg diazepam per day. He received 900 mg acamprosate three times per day to prevent an alcohol relapse but was unable to stop smoking. After a three-month stay in hospital, he returned home and continued his outpatient psychiatric and social care in our department. Nevertheless, he was regularly hospitalized for alcohol intoxication combined with behavioral disorders and depression. We increased the daily dosage of valproic acid to 2.5 g and lamotrigine to 400 mg, and in 2012 his mood disorder treatment was changed to 2 g valproic acid and 200 mg quetiapine per day.
The patient’s alcohol dependency was first treated unsuccessfully with 50 mg per day naltrexone for more than 3 months. We then switched to baclofen, which was titrated over a 5- week period up to 170 mg per day. However, he was unable to refrain for even 2 h from buying a bottle of beer when he left the hospital. After the HFA diagnosis, his follow-up care was re-organized and adjusted to suit his clinical and cognitive functioning. Currently, his inpatient stays are programmed in advance, last 3 days, and occur once a month. He has psychiatric and psychological outpatient appointments once and twice a week, respectively. They are scheduled on the same days every week to encourage attendance and to limit the anxiety associated with a change in routine. In addition to these environmental modifications, his psychological follow-up was designed according to a cognitive remediation and CBT-inspired framework, the aims being to improve his cognitive flexibility and problem-solving abilities, by means of behavioral exercises involving role-playing and goal management training [8], as well as his social cognition abilities. Emotional awareness and social role-playing were included at later stages of his treatment. Mr. B. is now able to identify and express some of his emotions. Appointments always follow the same pattern, namely, identification of his emotional state, followed by a review of his past and future goals for the day, and discussion of a topical political issue. After a year of twice-weekly treatment, Mr. B.’s social behavior is more reciprocal and flexible. His independent functioning has also improved. He honors his appointments and tends to his apartment; nurses are able to provide home care; and his alcohol consumption is limited to 3 cans of beer per day.
Mr. T., a 55 year-old divorced man, was sent to us for treatment for his addictions in 2011. After consulting many psychiatrists and neurologists over the past few decades, he had recently been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome by a specialized clinic. With respect to his psychiatric history, he was hospitalized in 1973 for anorexia, and he had suffered from recurrent depressive episodes that started in 2002 and were treated, to no avail, with (successively) sertraline (200 mg per day for 3 months), fluoxetine (40 mg per day for 6 months) and venlafaxine (250 mg per day for 1.5 months). At the end of 2002, a neurologist treated him with 50 mg methylphenidate per day for suspected ADHD, a diagnosis related to difficulties with working memory and attentional tasks identified in a neuropsychological assessment. The diagnosis was confirmed by a psychiatrist and the treatment was continued. As the patient was afraid of becoming dependent on his treatment and highly anxious after taking it, he decided to take 20 mg only when he had to give a lesson. However, his anxiety was so great that he decided to give up treatment.
His brother has been diagnosed with an ASD. With respect to Mr. T’s autobiographical history, he presented difficulties with social skills and had no friends. He felt different from others, and his interests were restricted to languages, including German, Modern Greek, and French. After attending a private primary school, he obtained a master’s degree.
Mr. T. was addicted to strong black tea. He reported drinking 10 cups of tea every morning to improve his concentration and attentional abilities. A few hours after drinking this large quantity of tea, he felt anxious and complained of diarrhea, tremors, and epigastric pain. This anxiety lasted all day. Social contact with Mr. T. was difficult, although he was very talkative. His interactions were one-sided. It required a lot of effort on his part to understand other people’s behavior, and he avoided eye contact. He found some sensory information such as certain smells, like perfume, and noises made by high heels, very distressing. Most of the time, because of these sensory abnormalities, his social difficulties, and the anxiety associated with change, he felt irritable, anxious, and impulsive. With impairments in empathy and social cognition, dysfunction in attention, working memory, and executive abilities, and a detailed, rather than global, information processing style (i.e., weak central coherence), his neuropsychological profile was consistent with his clinical picture and the HFA diagnosis. In the evenings, he was so overwhelmed by his work responsibilities that he drank two bottles of wine before going to sleep. Because alcohol impaired his cognitive and emotion-regulation abilities, Mr. T. found himself trapped in a vicious cycle of dependency on psychostimulants and alcohol. His high tea consumption helped him to improve his attentional and organizational abilities, but in the evening, his high level of excitation and anxiety delayed sleep onset, and Mr. T. found relief in drinking two bottles of wine each night. There was no day of abstinence, and because he found it impossible to give up strong tea and alcohol, he became dependent on them (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test = 24).
We persuaded Mr. T. to start by reducing his alcohol consumption. During the withdrawal phase, 20 mg diazepam was prescribed per day, mostly in the evening, together with 900 mg acamprosate 3 times per day. The dose of diazepam was rapidly lowered, but the patient still experienced anxiety in the evening and relapsed. Given that he refused to try an alternative pharmacological treatment, his psychiatric medical care was discontinued, and he started CBT and remediation cognitive therapy, according to the principles described in the case of Mr. B. However, unlike Mr. B., before beginning CBT and executive function remediation sessions, Mr. T. had 12 sessions to try to improve his working memory by means of exercises of increasing difficulty [9]. Furthermore, the aim of Mr. T.’s CBT and executive function remediation was to improve his organizational and initiation skills, which seemed to be a contributing factor to maintaining his high levels of anxiety and some of his addictive behavior. The patient reported some alleviation of executive and working memory difficulties after therapy, but long-term feedback is not available, because Mr. T. is no longer one of our patients.
Go to: Discussion Our report describes the cases of two adults with HFA who were diagnosed late and who consumed high quantities of alcohol and psychostimulants. A first analysis of these descriptions could lead one to suppose that their SUD was explained by their psychiatric co-morbidities, namely depressive and anxiety disorders, which are often associated with addictive behaviors [10, 11]. Indeed, Mr. B had a mood disorder during the period of treatment. Concerning Mr. T, past depressive episodes were reported but this was no longer the case at the time of our assessments. Furthermore, both patients reported that their anxiety was associated with their behavioral and social rigidity. Given the strong link between anxiety and social rigidity, it is difficult to distinguish which of them is particularly involved in alcohol use in this population. As Matthew Tinsley reports in his book, social skill impairments associated with autism could contribute to alcohol dependency in patients with psychiatric disorders [4]. Godfrey et al. [12] showed that a belief that alcohol may be able to enhance social skills and reduce anxiety predicts the amount that alcohol-dependent individuals consume. In our study, Mr. B. and Mr. T. reported that they drank to reduce their anxiety associated with unexpected events, sensory abnormalities, and social events, and to improve their social skills. With regard to schizophrenia, an FMRI study showed that patients who suffered from co-morbid SUD (alcohol or cannabis) had increased activation in the right superior parietal cortex and left medial prefrontal cortex, both regions involved in social cognition, and scored higher on a self-report scale for subjective emotional experience than did non-abusing patients [13]. These results suggest that socio-emotional processing may be less impaired in dual-diagnosis (schizophrenia and SUD) patients. In addition, Mr. B. and Mr. T. presented with attentional and executive dysfunction and attempted to improve their performance with psychostimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, and tea. Kumar et al. [14] suggest that cognitive and behavioral impairments in patients with autism could be treated with psychostimulants such as methylphenidate or nicotinic agonistic agents. In fact, both our patients took psychostimulants to improve their neurocognitive abilities, and in both cases, their clinical picture was masked by their SUD, which resulted in a delayed diagnosis of their developmental illness. Acknowledging the clinical and neurocognitive particularities of autism spectrum disorders, which seemed particularly relevant in both our patients for understanding the SUD, gave rise to psychotherapeutic changes that enabled them to improve their overall functioning.
Go to: Conclusion Teaching addictologists and psychiatrists how better to diagnose adult patients with autism could be useful from two perspectives. First, it could allow for the identification and better treatment of SUD in autism, the prevalence of which may be underestimated. Second, it could also permit the identification of specific autism-related mechanisms, such as cognitive inflexibility and change-related anxiety, which may be a vulnerability trait for developing substance-use disorders. Unless such mechanisms are addressed, it is unlikely these patients will be encouraged to change their SUD.
Go to: Consent Written informed consent was obtained from the patients for publication of their case reports and any accompanying images. A copy of the written consent is available for review by the Editor of this journal.
Go to: Acknowledgement Special acknowledgement goes to the Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire in Strasbourg for its contribution.
Go to: Footnotes Competing interests
We have no competing interests. We have no conflict of interest to declare with respect to the manuscript, including no financial, consultant, institutional, political, personal, religious, ideological, academic, intellectual, commercial or other relationships that could lead to any bias or a conflict of interest. We have no financial disclosure to make. We have no financial gain or loss from the publication of the manuscript. We received no support from any pharmaceutical company or other industry.
Authors’ contributions
Apart from BT, all the authors were involved in Mr. B.’s psychiatric care. LL was involved in Mr. T.’s psychiatric care. Both patients benefited from neuropsychological expertise provided by LW and from addictological treatment provided by LL. Finally, the article was written by LW and LL. BT has made substantial contributions to the analysis and interpretation of data and has been involved in revising the article critically for important intellectual content. LL, LW, BT, FB and GB have given final approval of the version to be published and agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.
Go to: Contributor Information Laurence Lalanne, Email: [email protected].
Luisa Weiner, Email: [email protected].
Benoit Trojak, Email: [email protected].
Fabrice Berna, Email: [email protected].
Gilles Bertschy, Email: [email protected].
Go to: References 1. Hofvander B, Delorme R, Chaste P, Nydén A, Wentz E, Ståhlberg O, Herbrecht E, Stopin A, Anckarsäter H, Gillberg C, Råstam M, Leboyer M. Psychiatric and psychosocial problems in adults with normal-intelligence autism spectrum disorders. BMC Psychiatry. 2009;10:9–35. [PMC free article] [PubMed] [Google Scholar] 2. Ramos M, Boada L, Moreno C, Llorente C, Romo J, Parellada M. Attitude and risk of substance use in adolescents diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2013;133(2):535–540. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2013.07.022. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] 3. Sizoo B, van den Brink W, Koeter M, van Gorissen Eenige M, van Wijngaarden-Cremers P, van der Gaag RJ. Treatment seeking adults with autism or ADHD and co-morbid substance use disorder: prevalence, risk factors and functional disability. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2010;107(1):44–50. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2009.09.003. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] 4. Tinsley M, Hendrickx S. 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Drug Alcohol Depend. 2007;86(2–3):154–166. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2006.05.019. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] 12. Godfrey HP, Knight RG, Bishara SN. The relationship between social skill and family problem-solving following very severe closed head injury. Brain Inj. 1991;5(2):207–211. doi: 10.3109/02699059109008091. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] 13. Potvin S, Mancini-Marie A, Fahim C, Mensour B, Stip E. Processing of social emotion in patients with schizophrenia and substance use disorder: an fMRI study. Soc Neurosci. 2007;2(2):106–116. doi: 10.1080/17470910701376787. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] 14. Kumar B, Prakash A, Sewal RK, Medhi B, Modi M. Drug therapy in autism: a present and future perspective. Pharmacol Rep. 2012;64(6):1291–1304. doi: 10.1016/S1734-1140(12)70927-1. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] Articles from BMC Psychiatry are provided here courtesy of BioMed Central Formats: Article | PubReader | ePub (beta) | PDF (370K) | Citation Share Share on Facebook FacebookShare on Twitter TwitterShare on Google Plus Google+ Save items View more options Similar articles in PubMed [Substance use, affective problems and personality traits: test of two association models]. [Encephale. 2004] Neurocognitive impairment in patients with co-occurring bipolar disorder and alcohol dependence upon discharge from inpatient care. [Psychiatry Res. 2008] Maternal recurrent mood disorders and high-functioning autism. [J Autism Dev Disord. 2006] [Differentiation between childhood autism and Asperger's syndrome]. [Nihon Rinsho. 2007] Anxiety and substance use: layers of complexity. [Expert Rev Neurother. 2008] See reviews... See all... 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[J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 2000] An individualized and everyday life approach to cognitive rehabilitation in schizophrenia: a case illustration. [Rehabil Res Pract. 2012] Nicotine, alcohol and drug dependence and psychiatric comorbidity. Results of a national household survey. [Br J Psychiatry. 2001] DSM-IV alcohol dependence and abuse: further evidence of validity in the general population. [Drug Alcohol Depend. 2007] The relationship between social skill and family problem-solving following very severe closed head injury. [Brain Inj. 1991] Processing of social emotion in patients with schizophrenia and substance use disorder: an fMRI study. [Soc Neurosci. 2007] Review Drug therapy in autism: a present and future perspective. [Pharmacol Rep. 2012] Support CenterSupport Center Simple NCBI Directory GETTING STARTED NCBI Education NCBI Help Manual NCBI Handbook Training & Tutorials Submit Data RESOURCES Chemicals & Bioassays Data & Software DNA & RNA Domains & Structures Genes & Expression Genetics & Medicine Genomes & Maps Homology Literature Proteins Sequence Analysis Taxonomy Variation POPULAR PubMed Bookshelf PubMed Central BLAST Nucleotide Genome SNP Gene Protein PubChem FEATURED Genetic Testing Registry GenBank Reference Sequences Gene Expression Omnibus Genome Data Viewer Human Genome Mouse Genome Influenza Virus Primer-BLAST Sequence Read Archive NCBI INFORMATION About NCBI Research at NCBI NCBI News & Blog NCBI FTP Site NCBI on Facebook NCBI on Twitter NCBI on YouTube Privacy Policy External link. Please review our privacy policy. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA Policies and Guidelines | Contact
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Type me please!! (Super long post)

I am 19 year old female and I'd like to know my MBTI and enneagram type based on the info below. I really need help because I'm choosing a university course soon and I'm not sure which path will be right for me. Currently I'm studying business marketing and I'm decent at it but I think I lack the interest and full understanding. I am interested in going to the social science path (mainly psychology) or human resources next but I'm not sure if it's for me. I don't even know whether my personality would suit this or something more like engineering, programming or science instead, I don't exactly have the interest in them but then again I don't really have the experience. Who knows I may turn out to have a different opinion once I experience them, but I really don’t want to risk it and hope to make the right choice before it’s too late. I really don't know anymore and I need help asap.
· I think I'm a walking paradox.
· I know very well MBTI types can't be changed but it’s like as if I can relate to many of them. Which is why from the info below I wish you could help me find out my actual type.
· I am currently confused as to whether I'm S/N, T/F, or J/P. I'm pretty sure I'm introverted although there are still qualities that don't match fully.
· I have mostly tested as INFP or INFJ. INFP was my very first result. But I've been wondering if I could be INTP or ISTJ. Or even ENFP since I got this result before but I really doubt I'm extraverted.
· I've also wondered if I could be ISFJ but I really think ISTJ fits more in terms of cognitive functions. In my opinion I can't really relate to an ISFJ’s personality traits.
· I've also wondered if I could be INTJ and I do relate to them but only partially. I don't think I have the main qualities of an INTJ like efficiency or loving to read.
· I do not really understand how introverted intuition works, or whether I have it.
· But I know that me having inferior or shadow-function extraverted sensing is likely.
· But I'm pretty sure I use extraverted intuition and introverted sensing. I just don't know which is stronger.
· I have absolutely no idea whether I use introverted/extraverted feeling or thinking.
· In fact I’m confused about what introverted thinking is like. And as for introverted feeling, I don’t even know whether I have values that I hold deeply.
· Based on cognitive functions, for now I think I relate the most to INFP and ISTJ. I relate to INFPs more but feel like I don't fit into its stereotype.
· I have trouble answering mbti tests or just any quizzes in general because I never understand myself well enough. (Eg. I don’t know if I use logic or heart to make my decisions)
· The only part I'm very sure of is my turbulence. The last time I ended up with 99% T and 1% A. I consider myself a perfectionist™.
· My enneagram type has always been torn between 4 and 6 (both with wing 5) But recently I even got type 5 as well.
Some MBTI related info (based on 4 letters and cognitive functions):
· I am very reserved and private. I tend to be very shy about my personal interests and wait for others strike a conversation with me. And I am never interested in purposefully making new friends, but it takes a while for me to feel close to them and show my more fun side.
· Most people consider me quiet and antisocial.
· I can be quite cold and unapproachable. But if people talk to me, I often end up smiling a lot and appearing over friendly.
· I find myself feeling out of place in large social groups. People seem to not know how to strike a conversation with me and of course me being me will stay quiet. Guess who’s a social misfit?
· If I spot acquaintances in public, I often try to hide and pray that they do not see me. I have a fear of unplanned social interaction.
· However, I have the tendency to often ask my close friends if they are free to hang out and enjoy talking to them about anything unless it's stuff I do not care about. Being around them makes me really happy.
· I also spam a lot in my group chat with these friends, sometimes ending up typing VERY long paragraphs when I'm either talking about my opinions or emotional rants.
· If I'm close to you I can get rather attached and trusting. And get really hurt if you turn out to just be tolerating me.
· I sometimes wonder if I am just overly considerate and scared of offending people with my presence rather than just being introverted. My low confidence might have prevented me from talking to others.
· I often wish I have someone to share my thoughts with to make me feel better but I'm very picky about who that person is. I don't want to waste my time on people I do not really care about and I often always end up not having much social interaction as a result.
· Talking to people either makes me happy or want to withdraw. With close friends I usually feel happy and even reluctant to leave at times.
· I always spend time alone and I never have any energy everywhere I go. And talking to new people makes me nervous but kinda excited during that moment. What if I’m secretly an extrovert who just lacks social interaction??
· But one if the big reasons I think I can’t be an extrovert is because the only dominant extraverted function I can think of is Ne, and I don’t think I fit the characteristics of an ENTP or even ENFP who are often known to be optimistic and loud and not afraid to show affection.
· Plus, both my parents are introverted (much more than me) so the way I was brought up made me a more socially-awkward person.
· FYI my dad is an ISTP and my mom is an ISTJ (my guesses) so as a possible intuitive feeler imagine life with them. I have disagreements with my mom especially often and my dad is very kind to me but seems to not understand me well at all.
· I can come up with ideas that may not be realistic, but at the same time I'm aware if they are not realistic. I voice my ideas only if I know that they don't sound too stupid.
· When I think of ideas I rarely ever think of the specifics and details. I would rather leave them to someone else to help me make my idea a reality.
· I wouldn't really consider my imagination wild, though. If you ask me to imagine something I can only think of something based on things I’ve experienced in the past. I’m not very creative.
· My dreams are in realistic settings but often twisted.
· My new ideas are always generated on something I've experienced before. I suck at inventing or creating anything new and original but I might have a talent of improving on existing ideas. Is this evidence of Ne?
· I can think of ideas but find it extremely difficult to execute. I can be so focused on what I want the outcome to be like that I neglect how to achieve the outcome.
· Sometimes, I find myself getting amazed at the simplest and most obvious things all of a sudden. Things such as my own name and how I suddenly think about it from a third-person perspective and find my name really weird! Or thoughts like “Wow so this object actually exists for a good reason huh. I can’t believe it!” Is this a sign of any cognitive function?
· I find the idea of magic very fascinating. I sometimes believe it could exist out there somewhere but was never curious enough to find out.
· I ask a lot of “what ifs”.
· I always think of different possibilities. When someone tells me something, I can interpret it in so many ways which leads me to often not understand what they meant. And I'm usually too shy to ask them that so I tend to end up misunderstanding what they said.
· In fact I really suck at language and reading comprehension and prefer answering simple, literal questions.
· I have a huge tendency to "overthink" and miss out on what's right under my nose. I second-guess things way too much.
· I am often very slow to react. I can take forever to process one simple information and come up with a way to respond. So far I have no known mental illnesses regarding this.
· Since young, I’ve always been known to be very blur and easily confused. In reality, it’s because while listening to the details I often just don’t understand the context or underlying meaning unless someone tells it to me out loud or gives me all the specifics for me to connect the dots. I really need my instructor to be very clear, tell me in simple terms and start off with the context or basics so that I can understand.
· When someone is instructing me, I prefer it if they tell me every single detail and not miss out on anything. I need to know the purpose behind the instructions as well.
· I always find the need to fully understand the basics before moving on to something more complex. But there are times complex things can slowly help me find out the basics too.
· Still, I often misread things or say things wrongly, and correct myself afterwards. I have trouble paying attention to all the information and might miss out on some important details. I usually need to listen or read over and over.
· I don’t think I’m very observant. But when others are talking among themselves and about something I’m not interested in, I feel like I pay attention to literally everything else but them.
· I get lost in thought many times. I often end up walking into walls lol. Sign of inferior Se?
· But I am rather good with directions and using maps.
· I do not often follow trends. I often don’t care about what’s going on in the world unless it’s something relevant.
· I sometimes assume things that I have never experienced. And claim to be correct because it’s “just how it’s supposed to be”. Never knew where I got that from.
· I am easily amazed and excited by things. But that quickly dies down a lot.
· I'm bad at real world applications. Usually things are not what I expect to be.
· I can have unrealistically high expectations.
· I am pretty results-oriented and place high importance on success. I always try to give my all from the beginning as I have a fear of failure and mistakes. These make me feel like giving up even though I know I shouldn’t.
· I always make sure that everything I do or that happens is worth it. I seek a meaning and purpose in everything that happens. If my time feels like it’s wasted I feel uneasy.
· I get very frustrated when I don't understand something that I think I should know.
· Beautiful stuff can amaze me but not for long. I consider myself a HUGE minimalist and far from materialistic.
· I don't take money seriously. I just want to spend on things that hold true meaning and make me happy. Like experiencing a fun place with friends or my favourite anime merchandise.
· I focus a lot on the past AND future. But I'm very bad at living the present moment. I really wish I were better at this aspect though.
· I find it difficult to keep track of the present moment. I am often slow to whip out my camera or tweet about what is happening. Don’t trust me to take notes in work.
· The future scares me. I often try not to think about it but I still do.
· I have a great interest in philosophical discussions. I can contribute a lot to it.
· History bores me.
· Science was interesting and I used to be good at it, but it gets more boring and difficult as I dive deeper.
· I can notice details others don't but I wouldn't say I rely on details.
· I tend to talk to people about what I experience. I consider myself a decent storyteller.
· I believe facts are important to support a belief. But I will never dismiss one’s beliefs if there aren’t facts, I will question them and try to find out more instead.
· I never miss a detail and will ALWAYS state the reason when I tell others about something. To me specifics are very important but so is the big picture.
· I tend to have a hard time acting on my imagination/instincts. I usually need to experience something to fully understand whether I’m making the right choice. I try not to take risks.
· I don't consider myself a curious person. But once I get interested in something I want to know EVERYTHING about it.
· I don't consider myself innovative either due to having a hard time coming up with realistic ideas, but I do not mind the idea of working on something original and that lets me unleash my creative potential.
· I'm told that I have a good memory, but only on very few and specific details in the past.
· I often get nostalgic thinking about my past. But only when I see something that reminds me of my past.
· The music I usually listen to is often playing in my head.
· I sometimes repeat mistakes when I made them before. This could show that I do not necessarily act according to my experience since I don’t remember them at that moment unless it successfully gave me huge trauma.
· I wouldn't say I'm consistent enough to have Si as my dominant function?
· But habit-wise I really tend to always stick to what I know.
· I guess you can say that I have a minor case of OCD as I HATE inaccuracies in anything. Take spelling errors for example. And I tend to avoid spot the difference games as there's something about the difference in detail that grosses me out.
· I enjoy individual sports like skating, cycling, and competitive ones like table tennis. But I hate team sports.
· I am iffy about changes in life. I do find good change exciting but sudden changes especially bad ones can be way too overwhelming for me. I'm not sure if I have inferior Ne because of this.
· I don't read books. I just lack the motivation to try new stuff. But if I read something that "connects" with me (fiction or non-fiction) I will be intrigued and want to finish it. Is this a sign of Ne/Fi?
· As I said, I have no idea whether I make decisions with my logic or feelings more. Feels like I use both almost equally.
· I am very slow at making decisions since I consider many possibilities and don’t know if I should rely on my head or heart.
· I don't know if this is true but people say that I can be a good analyzer. But I don't really get why.
· I can be good at math until it gets too complicated.
· Intellectual discussions are interesting to me. I always prefer to talk about why something works instead of how.
· I score very high on IQ tests.
· In projects, I often take charge or add comments so that people can do things correctly and efficiently. Is this Te?
· I’d prefer it if people get straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. But I heard people say the same thing to me as well. I usually have so much to say before I get to the point and stray off topic at times.
· In other words I can be a little hypocritical since I tend to tell others things that apply to me as well. Ugh I hate that about myself…
· Computer-related issues frustrate me so much.
· Computer softwares are very confusing to me at first. But if I practice it for a long time I think I can get the hang of it.
· I'm good at seeing flaws in logic but I don’t think I’m very logically consistent myself.
· I talk to myself A LOT. I tend to say my messages out loud when I type them. Is this a sign of Te?
· I don't know whether I have Ti or not. I can't even tell. How does a mind work like a system exactly?
· I only know that sometimes I do break rules and do things my way if I know that they can be stupid and inefficient.
· I am not always obedient. If necessary, I try to make convincing reasons and find my way around rules. Maybe I have Ti.
· But sometimes being rebellious feels like a waste of time and energy so most of the time I just follow rules if there’s no harm.
· I am BAD with anything hands on. I dreaded my design and technology class, and every time I need help with repairing something I go to my ISTP dad (lol).
· When my friend feels sad, I tend to offer both solutions and encouragement.
· I sometimes have trouble knowing what others really need without them telling me.
· I sometimes assume other’s emotions based on my own experience or how I feel. But I know that I should acknowledge that everyone is different and not everyone feels the same way about things. This could be Fi?
· I sometimes jump to conclusions. But change my mind very easily when notice a factor that could prove otherwise.
· I can be blunt with my opinions. Either to keep a conversation or if it's necessary.
· I try not to lie. I tell truths or half lies, or keep quiet. I only lie if I’m very sure it will save me a lot of trouble.
· But I'm very careful to make sure not to hurt others.
· I feel like I'm responsible for the emotions of my closed ones at times, and I blame myself a lot for it.
· Guilt kills me. I hate to know that I'm the reason something bad happened to others.
· I feel the need to apologise for most things I do. I sometimes consider my own feelings invalid.
· I am a very poor estimator. I have trouble thinking in quantities and often overestimate stuff. Inferior Te?
· I am not very good at reading body languages and observing how others feel. I often make assumptions based on how that person is most likely to feel.
· But I can read the mood of a situation and sense changes in people's attitude. I’m just not always sure of the reason and tend to draw the worst conclusions from them.
· I find a lot of people's problems understandable/relatable and I tend to offer solutions based on what I think is right. But I don't necessarily use them myself.
· I see the importance of being kind and nice to others.
· But I never go out of my way to help others. I do it only because I'm afraid that I'd be considered insensitive if I didn't. Inferior Fe??
· When socialising, I tend to blank out and have trouble thinking at the same time. I get too overwhelmed by the person in front of me and sometimes I end up saying things that are stupid or not knowing how to respond. And you know that when you start being self-aware (thinking about the current situation) you get tongue-tied and people will start to think you’re weird. That’s me 100%.
· I can be kind of a people pleaser. No I don't go out of my way to please people, but I will do everything I can to make whoever I interact with happy and avoid any bad impressions. I try to avoid drama as much as I can. Evidence of Fe?
· I do feel like I have an image to uphold in front of others and ensure consistency of my behaviour in front of certain people. And I tend to uphold different images around different groups of people.
· I'd hate to show these "different" sides of me to other groups. I never really introduce my close friends to each other since I'm not sure how to act around both of them at the same time.
· But I really wish to know a place I truly belong to. I crave for a sense of belonging and an environment where I get to be open and act like myself while being absolutely sure others around me are okay with it.
· I often feel like people drift off from me after some time, and I get really sad thinking about it. In the past, I usually responded by being the one purposefully avoiding them so that I wouldn’t get rejected. I never communicate with them which led to lots of falls in friendships for me. This assumption could be regarding Fi?
· I am a very sensitive person myself, one tiny flaw in a situation affects me greatly and I often take things personally.
· I get hurt only if I'm criticised on something that I wasn't aware of. If it was a misunderstanding I tend to justify myself.
· In fact I feel the need to justify myself most of the time. I can write a whole book on my justification speech.
· I take fairness very seriously. I try to seek justice when possible. I don’t believe anyone deserves to be treated unfairly if they aren’t at fault.
· I think I would find it very hard to fire someone at work as I often see the potential in everyone.
· I have large mood swings. I recover easily but I get disappointed easily too.
· In general I know that I feel sad about life. Don’t ask why.
· But I live on because I believe that anything can happen and hope is possible.
· I can often be emotional and sentimental. I can be brought to tears by just seeing a kid abandon a plush toy in a movie.
· But I hate letting out my emotions in front of others. I personally see it as weak and vulnerable. Which is why I'm good at controlling my tears and never actually cried in front of people.
· I sometimes wish emotions didn’t exist. I love the feeling of happiness but dread everything once it goes away.
· I know I said I'm pretty bad at language but I like writing about topics I strongly believe in. In fact I can write a whole essay. My instagram captions tend to exceed the word limit at times and I have trouble cutting my parts short in reports etc.
· But I tend to keep my beliefs to myself in real life. Seeing others disagree with these beliefs would crush me.
· Sometimes I question my beliefs though. If I see a convincing reason in someone else's beliefs I may end up changing it.
· I sometimes do not know what I really like or want.
· I tend to rely on others for advices for making my decisions. They let me open up to different perspectives and I think that's important.
· But in the end I usually do not let others make up my mind without my opinion. In a group I believe that everyone’s opinion is important, including mine.
· I am not someone who follows other’s plans blindly. If I know that something can be improved, I will definitely say it. And I will find out whether other’s are in approval or not and their reasons why.
· I am rather impatient with problems and want to solve or find out something quickly.
· If I experience negative feelings it can get in the way of my daily tasks.
· I actually enjoy getting to know other people's personal life and feelings. I talk about these too since I've always wanted someone to understand me and see things from my viewpoints, but only with very selective people.
· I love teaching. I have the tendency to educate others on what I know and I enjoy it. This is my learning style as I also get to generate ideas from others and I prefer it more than just listening to others teach me something.
· Children make me happy. I see potential in every one of them and I really enjoy playing with my baby cousin.
· I like animals. I wish I owned pets but my parents wouldn't allow.
· I am the kind of person who feels emotions for objects and places.
· I never leave anyone behind. I believe that every individual is important and will never throw anyone under the bus to get what I want.
· I tend to get swayed by emotions first, but not let myself get too carried away (logic has entered the chat).
· When I make a decision, I tend to ask others for advice. I consider them but my opinions are not easily swayed.
· When choosing a place to eat, I am always the one coming up with options I really want while everyone else is neutral with everything.
· I was raised in a conservative family which causes me to have a harder time being open-minded than most liberals, but I believe that liberalism and catering to the minorities is the right thing to do. I have a desire for lives to be improved and for there to be a social change this world and I think there is still so much that can be improved.
· I do not really care for other people I don't know, eg. I don't feel great satisfaction just donating money to one person because I personally don't see it as a big deal even though that person might. But I care a lot about people close to me. Is this another sign of Fi?
· If any one person's life is truly improved because of me I will feel great satisfaction. And by that I do not mean physical needs or getting what they want. I mean things like gaining knowledge, social/emotional needs and improving their self confidence.
· I believe I could be a feeler because if someone tells me something and I manage to empathise with them, I will want nothing more than to help them feel happier. I often wish people would come to me for emotional advices.
· But I could also be a thinker as I often see logical flaws and find the importance of offering experimental solutions to due to my obsession with problem-solving.
· I played the piano since I was young. I have a deep love for music but I don't particularly prefer any genre. I think all music are beautiful in their own ways.
· For classical music I listen to anything, but for pop music I listen to only very few, specific songs.
· I know that I can compose music but still yet to produce one due to the tiring process of writing down everything or using a computer. I usually just play a melody I happen to come up with and forget it immediately since I'm not easily impressed by my random creations.
· I have a huge love for the performing arts. Be it singing, dancing, instrument playing and theatre. Seeing performances gets me VERY inspired and I really want to be in their position too. I’d love to work in this field but it isn’t a very stable career in my country.
· I'm not really a visual arts person. I can't really appreciate art let alone create it as I often find myself making "mistakes" in the process. And I often need to restart but find myself wanting to cry at the thought that my effort got wasted.
· I enjoy writing. But I think I’m much better at writing scripts and speeches rather than descriptive writing of characters and the environment since I’m usually not that observant of such stuff.
· I can think of many story prompts and summaries but find it hard to fill in the details.
· I always want to get everything done as soon as possible. But I get sidetracked too easily and still discipline myself to finish what's important. I end up neglecting sleep as a result.
· I make checklists but forget about them. I still get the things done but forget to check them out.
· I'm bad at multitasking. I always do one thing at a time and find it difficult to focus on two things at once.
· This includes writing down stuff when the teacher is talking. I usually prefer to digest it so that I can write it down in my own way in case I forget the exact words.
· I have low attention span for things that don’t interest me and often end up sleeping or using my phone in class.
· I have a huge preference for online lectures rather than classroom settings. I tend to pay so much attention to one part that I didn't catch the next, and with online lectures I can easily rewind back.
· Yes, I am a huge perfectionist about things I care about. No, that does not include organising my room.
· I tend to follow steps, but if I miss out on just ONE step I will be completely lost and naturally want to do things my own way.
· I do not consider myself a very flexible person. I can be stubborn and stick to what I want.
· I make last minute changes at times. I take quality and effectiveness more seriously than efficiency.
· But I also dislike wasting time and effort. I try to find worth in everything I do, even if it means making mistakes.
· I can't tell if I'm considered impulsive or not because. I think I used to be impulsive but unfortunate incidents made me the most cautious person on earth.
· I still have a quick mind. I often feel sudden the urge to do something but thankfully my slowness to take action allows me to think twice and I often retreat as a result. This has helped me in several situations.
· I talk like a textbook during presentations. I say what I remember and practised and I'm bad at improvising.
· I'm good at writing in bullet points. Maybe even better than essays.
· Routine doesn't bother me. I am comfortable with life as it is but the thoughts of everything changing for the worse in future scare me.
· I plan. Internally. Such as what to do or expect less than an hour or a few days from now. I rarely make plans externally.
· If I do plan, I never plan according to time but instead I do this: "Monday morning: task 1. Monday evening: task 2. Tuesday morning: task 3 etc.”
· Do not trust me to organise a trip or a party. I am bad at estimating time and I may have a lot of ideas but they can be all over the place. I am more of a suggestion thrower.
· I try to be efficient when it comes to travelling. I am good at finding the fastest alternative to getting to a place.
· I always have things planned but things almost never go my way. And I can get slightly affected when this happens.
· I procrastinate. But not too last minute.
· I sometimes put play before work if I'm confident there's still enough time for the work after that.
· I'm often late for class by the same few minutes. And sometimes it gets worse.
· My room is a gigantic mess but I'd call it an organised mess since I often put things at the same place without thinking.
· I don't always follow the usual scheduled routine like showering at the same time everyday and washing my dishes right after eating. But I set my own routine with some flexibility.
· I hate doing chores. I can live with skipping a day or two.
· I can be flexible if needed. I can be adaptive to new places and move on from previous happenings easily, though the memories might come flooding back on occasion.
· I like to try new things that I see as positive and exciting.
· I do not really mind change of plans unless I really want to stick to the original plan.
· I do not mind change of environment, even if its for a period of time.
· However I'm lazy and not really interested in exploring new places, but I'd love to participate in such activities with my friends.
· Yes, I consider myself rather lazy and apathetic towards most things but I can be hardworking when I put my heart to something.
· I tend to keep my options open and change my mind last minute if I see a better option.
· I do have unfinished personal projects such as writing stories.
· I can only be driven to do something by motivation. Which I lack too often.
· I give up rather easily when something seems tough and there’s no immediate solution to it. Only if the task at hand is not very important though.
· I always complete tasks by the deadline but sometimes I will be late, but will always submit them as promised.
Enneagram-related info:
· I think I’m type 4 because I do crave an identity I can take pride in and I always wish to have a deeper understanding of myself. I find myself feeling depressed for not knowing who I really am and being told that I’m “just like everyone else” hurts. I want to show people that I’m different and they should accept it instead of seeing it as a problem to be corrected. If that happens, I will have greater self-confidence.
· I think I’m type 6 because as much as I’m dissatisfied with life and want things for me to change for the better, I fear the change. I’m afraid to lose the security I already have and I just want to make sure I’m on the right track. I’ve imagined and experienced being lost in life and it’s a feeling I hate. And I never know whether my decisions are correct and always question the possibilities of both sides.
· I already feel like I’m rather different from others which does make me somewhat lonely since I don’t know if my “difference” is considered a good one or not. It’s like I wish to be a unique person but ONLY in a good way, if it turns out to be in a bad way then I’d rather be like everyone else. Which is why I have the tendency to follow social norms in front of others to avoid unwanted attention. This does not make me happy at all but it has to be done for now.
· I got type 5 because I did mention that I’m afraid to lose out in this world, but I really am not curious enough to research on just anything I don’t have the knowledge of? Which is why I don’t think I am a type 5 but I can never be so sure.
· People often don’t understand/misunderstand me as a person.
· I aspire to be in a situation where I get to unleash my potential and help others make a positive difference.
· I have the tendency to forget what I’m about to say a second ago, but suddenly remember it days later.
· I often think about what I could have done and regret my actions.
· I get easily worked up and panicked for minor issues. When something goes wrong I can lose focus feel like crying. Though I usually try to suppress these emotions in front of people until it gets too much.
· I have trouble with self-care. I do not care much about my appearance and health.
· I am always trying to achieve something with little rest. I dislike wasting time doing something that I feel is unfulfilling.
· I feel at peace when going to places by myself, and I often listen to music when I’m alone since it makes me happy. If I get lost I’m usually still able to embrace the surroundings and not panic.
· I’m not sure if I consider myself a good or poor communicator. I often ramble on when I talk about one topic. And if I’m willing to express my emotions I can do it. But I can have trouble getting my point across.
· I don’t think I’m very honest with myself. I often tell myself “this is how I’m supposed to be” and get so into that mentality that I forget who I really am. This applies to MBTI.
· In my friend groups, I either take charge and plan stuff OR I am a silent follower whose mind can wander off at times.
· I don't think I'm a very original person. I used to have the tendency to "copy" other’s actions (eg. their laughter, the way they type messages etc.)
· In fact I think I am a good imitator in general. For eg. I can practice to somewhat match my voice to a singer's.
· I tend to be unaware of my body language. My arms are always swinging when I walk and I sometimes fidget during presentations.
· I do not have many interests. I only have very specific songs I listen to over and over, specific shows I watch over and over, and specific anime franchises I'm into. With such limited interests I find it hard to connect with other people.
· My opinion on competition... I try to avoid it but if I'm part of one I WILL make sure to try my best to win.
· I find games fun to play. I especially like RPG and adventure games. Especially when there's a protagonist to the game.
· I tend to really like fictional characters who are not good at expressing their feelings but are very emotional on the inside. They tend to keep a cool surface.
· I love MBTI. I often do research on it and watch videos on it (by Frank James for eg.) and laugh at them but my friends never understand them. I know most people who are interested in MBTI are often intuitives (mainly INFP and INFJ) which is why I doubt I'm an ISTJ.
· I also enjoy secretly typing anyone around me.
· I stalk people online at times but only because I wanted to find out from them about something I care about. Like their life update at the moment such as which school they are going to.
· I am on a self-development journey. I really want to find out my purpose in life and where I truly belong.
· I do everything in extremities. have a HUGE all or nothing mindset.
· I also have the natural tendency to see things black and white. But lately I’ve been trying to have a more grey, neutral, objective opinion on things.
· I am quick to react if someone says something that is flawed or confuses me. This might be a sign of my impulsiveness as I don’t even always try to process fully. I wish the person could be more clear in their speech.
· I get a little annoyed by people easily. But it never affects my overall perception of them, I focus more on their good side.
· I don’t get angry easily but when I do it will be obvious. I will either lash out or withdraw completely.
· I wouldn’t consider myself a naturally polite person. But lately I found myself being overly considerate for others.
· I always question my decisions. I'm never confident of them.
· I am very insecure. I especially often worry about how I carry myself in front of people, even strangers.
· I have very low self esteem but I believe that I have the potential if I truly understand myself and give my all.
· I always make sure to prevent myself from getting into any situations of embarrassment because I hate it as much as I hate feeling guilt.
· I assume my own strengths and weaknesses that may not even be true since I don't know myself well, but I've always been too scared to ask others for their opinions on me. It's either I will end up not believing what they say or I might risk getting hurt.
· When I talk about myself to anyone it is as if I know everything about myself, but in fact I’m just indirectly asking for their approval because if they don’t agree I will start to question what I said. I believe other people play a part in helping to define me.
· I do not know how to respond to compliments or criticism other than giving excuses and justifying the other side of them (being modest towards compliments, being arrogant towards criticism).
· I tend to have the urge to interrupt others when talking (but I try not to out of manners) only because I always plan what to say in my head and am afraid of forgetting it.
· And when I'm saying something, I'd often clarify something before someone else even asks, it's like I can predict what they are going to ask and I would always make sure that they understand what I'm saying fully before making a remark.
· I see the importance of having a unique identity (type 4) that is able to fit into the world and still navigate life in a structured manner (type 6) which is why I'm confused in my enneagram because these two are supposed to be very different.
· I can be a decent judge in behaviour and personality but I never judge people by the way they dress. In fact I barely even notice since I don't care about fashion myself.
· Career wise I'd love to have a good purpose to my work.
· I'm not sure if I should take up jobs that require logic or heart, practical things or ideas, technology or humans.
· To me, solving problems with ideas are fun but with all the time pressure I'm not sure if I'm capable enough to work in such jobs. If only I had all the time in the world to slowly think of millions of ideas.
· I would love to help someone solve their problems and grow but I can be reluctant to have direct interaction with strangers due to my shyness.
· I have done data entry jobs before and I can do those since I take accuracy seriously, but it's not really my field of enjoyment. I feel like jobs like these lack a real purpose.
· I don't mind long work hours if necessary. As long as the job isn't too dreadful.
· I often edit captions which is why I use Instagram more than Twitter.
· As I'm typing all of these, I'm making sure to not miss out on anything as well.
· It would also be helpful if any of you could tell me a MBTI type that would actually type such a lengthy post xD
I'm so so sorry this is so long but I really didn’t want to miss out on anything if you’re helping me. I was hoping someone could tell me what mbti type and enneagram I lean more towards based on my information. Also feel free to correct me if my understanding of any of the cognitive functions is wrong. Tests have never been of much help and I can't find an expert to consult in so this was my next option! Any reply is appreciated as long as there aren't any rude comments. Thanks in advance :)
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[Givony] NBA mock draft: Trae Young rising, Luka Doncic and the Nets' pick


2018 NBA mock draft - Trae Young, Luka Doncic and the Brooklyn pick

by Jonathan Givony on 2018-01-13 21:22:00 UTC (original:
Who's going No. 1, and how far has star Oklahoma guard Trae Young climbed? What prospect can the Cleveland Cavaliers -- or a potential trade partner -- land with the Brooklyn Nets pick?
We're nearly three months into the college basketball season, with the most important 10-week stretch now in front of us. The top teams are playing meaningful games against each other on a nightly basis now, which is helping us get a much better handle on who the best NBA prospects are and who might need to consider coming back for more seasoning.
Our mock draft differs in two crucial ways from our recently updated top-100 prospect rankings. It uses ESPN's BPI to project the draft order, and it's adjusted for NBA team needs accordingly. it also attempts to project which players will ultimately end up declaring and keeping their name in the draft.
With recruiting analysts widely describing the 2018 high school senior class as one of the weakest in memory, the 2019 draft is not projected to be particularly strong, nor deep, which may cause players currently in college to think long and hard about returning to school for another year.
The depth of the 2018 draft hasn't emerged at this stage either, as scouts say there is a significant drop-off in talent outside the lottery, and they are struggling to find 30 players worthy of being granted guaranteed contracts by being picked in the first round.
That will make the next 10 weeks all the more important, as the best way for under-the-radar prospects to emerge will always be by winning games and leading their teams on deep runs through postseason tournaments. With college basketball as wide open as we've seen in some time, there will likely be a significant amount of upheaval in our own rankings depending on how players finish off their seasons.

1. Sacramento Kings

Luka Doncic Real Madrid Age: 18.9 PG
Height: 6-foot-8 | Weight: 228 | PER: 27.5
Although the Kings have some interesting backcourt pieces, they still have a ways to go in terms of turning into a cohesive unit capable of winning games.
Doncic has the size, skill and versatility to fit in very well alongside all their young talent, and he would pair very well with an athletic shot-creator who can defend multiple positions in De'Aaron Fox. He's having a phenomenal season in Europe, posting historic numbers in the Euroleague and Spanish ACB for an 18-year-old.
Starting salary: $8,095,680

2. Atlanta Hawks

Deandre Ayton Arizona Freshman C
Height: 7-foot | Weight: 243 | PER: 32.8
The Hawks are not in a position to draft based on need at this stage of their rebuilding effort, and there are question marks about how well promising big man John Collins fits in alongside another center who doesn't protect the rim at an elite rate.
Nevertheless, Ayton has elevated himself into the conversation as a top-two pick with his incredible, natural physical tools and high skill-level. His rebounding and scoring prowess could be very attractive here, even if Mohamed Bamba might actually be a better fit stylistically.
Starting salary: $7,243,440

3. Phoenix Suns

Mohamed Bamba Texas Freshman C
Height: 7-foot | Weight: 207 | PER: 28.2
With Tyson Chandler on the wrong side of 30 and Alex Len entering unrestricted free agency, shoring up the center position looks like a natural move for the Suns here. It helps that they won't be sacrificing anything in terms of talent, as Bamba will likely get some looks in the top two as well due to his rare combination of length, shot-blocking instincts and offensive promise.
Bamba is starting to make 3-pointers more consistently (6-for-17 in his past 8 games), and his unicorn potential gives him arguably the highest upside of any player in this draft.
Starting salary: $6,504,600

4. Orlando Magic

Marvin Bagley III Duke Freshman PF/C
Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 234 | PER: 32.7
Although there are some positional concerns regarding Bagley and his fit in the modern NBA, at some point, his talent level and sheer production are likely too great to pass on.
Although the Magic could very well be in the market for a point guard, there are still question marks about whether Trae Young is worthy of being picked this high. Bagley is likely best suited for the center spot, and his scoring instincts, rebounding prowess and athleticism would make for an interesting fit alongside Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac.
Starting salary: $5,864,640

5. Chicago Bulls

Jaren Jackson Michigan State Freshman PF/C
Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 242 | PER: 28.2
At 6-foot-11, 242 pounds with a 7-foot-4 wingspan, it's very likely that Jackson sees significant minutes at center in the NBA as his promising frame fills out, rather than at the 4 like he mostly does in college at the moment. Jackson's ability to space the floor (45 percent from 3, 81 percent from the line), block shots (5.7 per-40 minutes), switch on every screen and, increasingly, put the ball on the floor from the perimeter make him an ideal fit for the modern NBA.
He would complement the promising Lauri Markkanen well in many ways and has significant upside to grow into as well, as he's the youngest player currently projected to be drafted.
Starting salary: $5,310,720

6. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets)

Michael Porter Jr. Missouri Freshman SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-10 | Weight: 214
With an uncertain future on the horizon due to LeBron James' free agency, the Cavs will need to stockpile as much talent as they can regardless of their hopes of keeping the King at home. Michael Porter came into the season with the hope of making a run at being the No. 1 pick in the draft, but unfortunately, he hasn't been able to build his case due to a back injury.
The results of his medical examination will play a significant role in where he ultimately is drafted, but NBA teams don't appear to be overly concerned right now about the nature of the injury and his long-term prognosis.
Starting salary: $4,823,520
Cleveland will receive Brooklyn's first-round pick unprotected.

7. Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers)

Trae Young Oklahoma Freshman **PG**
Height: 6-foot-2 | Weight: 176 | PER: 34.6
The Sixers are in line to draft in the top 10 due to the shrewd Michael Carter-Williams trade made by Sam Hinkie three years ago, as long as the pick doesn't fall between Nos. 2-5.
If this season has shown us anything, it's that Philadelphia is still in need of help with shot-creation and shot-making, despite the promising play of Ben Simmons at PG. Young's tremendous shooting prowess will allow him to play at different spots on the floor, even alongside Markelle Fultz.
Starting salary: $4,403,280
Philadelphia will receive L.A.'s pick if it lands at No. 1 or Nos. 6-30. Otherwise, the pick goes to Boston. BPI projects that Philly has a 78.1 percent chance of getting this pick, with a 5.0 percent chance that it ends up No. 1.

8. Dallas Mavericks

Wendell Carter Jr. Duke Freshman C
Height: 6-foot-10 | Weight: 263 | PER: 31.0
Carter's season got off to a slow start, but he has been Duke's best player as of late and is starting to recapture his status as a potential top-10 pick, which is where he started the season.
The Mavs could certainly use help in the frontcourt, and Carter's basketball IQ and versatility are promising in many ways.
Starting salary: $4,033,800

9. Memphis Grizzlies

Miles Bridges Michigan State Sophomore SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 226 | PER: 25.8
With Chandler Parsons perpetually hurt and the Grizzlies continually struggling to find firepower at the combo forward position, it could make sense for Memphis to look at Miles Bridges, who is arguably the best athlete in this draft.
He has struggled to make the full-time transition to small forward at times for Michigan State, but he undoubtedly has potential as a two-way forward who can guard all over the floor and give you enough shooting, ballhandling and passing to get by at one of the most important positions in today's NBA.
Starting salary: $3,708,120

10. New York Knicks

Collin Sexton Alabama Freshman PG
Height: 6-foot-2 | Weight: 183 | PER: 23.8
Frank Ntilikina has had some nice rookie moments, but the Knicks are finding out that that the long-armed, 6-foot-5 guard is seemingly better suited playing alongside a more dominant ball handler and shot creator who can take some of the scoring responsibilities off his shoulders.
Enter Sexton, who looks like a nice pairing with his tremendous aggressiveness driving the lane, taking off-the-dribble jumpers and putting defensive pressure on opposing guards. NBA teams have some concerns about Sexton's ability to stay healthy due to his reckless style of play, and he has seemingly been dinged up all season, which hasn't helped matters.
Starting salary: $3,522,480

11. Utah Jazz

Mikal Bridges Villanova Junior SF
Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 200 | PER: 27.5
Every team in the NBA is searching for depth on the wing, and the Jazz are no exception.
Bridges' ability to make shots, defend anywhere from 1-4 and play within a system make him an easy fit on almost any team's roster, even if his overall upside is limited to an extent by his lack of shot creation.
Starting salary: $3,346,560

12. Charlotte Hornets

Kevin Knox Kentucky Freshman SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-9 | Weight: 205 | PER: 16.4
Knox hasn't had a very efficient freshman season, partially due to his playing out of position, but there's a significant market in the NBA for combo forwards in his mold who can make an open shot, defend multiple positions and offer some offensive versatility. He's one of the youngest players in this draft, so he still has plenty of room to continue to grow. Marvin Williams is the only true power forward on Charlotte's roster, but at age 31, he doesn't appear to be part of the impending rebuilding plans.
Starting salary: $3,179,280

13. LA Clippers

Robert Williams Texas A&M Sophomore PF/C
Height: 6-foot-9 | Weight: 237 | PER: 25.4
Williams has had a somewhat disappointing sophomore season, partially due to his playing out of position as a power forward in traditional dual-post player lineups.
His game is tailor-made for the NBA, though, as a rim-running, pick-and-roll-finishing, shot-blockeoffensive rebounder in the Clint Capela mold. With DeAndre Jordan in the final year of his contract, the Clippers could certainly look to Williams as a potential successor.
Starting salary: $3,020,280

14. Denver Nuggets

***Troy Brown* Oregon Freshman SG**
Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 210 | PER: 19.1
The Nuggets have been cycling through options at the small forward position all season and could very well look to address that position in the draft and/or free agency this summer.
Brown's versatility as a big ball handler, defender and rebounder is intriguing in a league that is starved for wing players, but his inconsistency as a perimeter shooter has made it difficult for him to fully break out. Being the third-youngest player in this draft class means he still has time to address that.
Starting salary: $2,869,320

15. Indiana Pacers

Dzanan Musa Cedevita Age: 18.5 SF
Height: 6-foot-9 | Weight: 195 | PER: 20.8
Unless a major upgrade at point guard presents itself, shooting and depth at the wing/combo forward spots will likely be priorities for the Pacers this offseason, similar to most teams in the NBA.
Musa's size, scoring instincts and aggressiveness could be intriguing for the Pacers at this stage of the draft. He's one of the youngest players in this class but is already very productive in Europe playing at a fairly high level.
Starting salary: $2,725,680

16. Detroit Pistons

***Chandler Hutchison* Boise St. Senior SF**
Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 193 | PER: 25.8
The Pistons have been cycling through small forward options all season and haven't gotten great production from that position.
Hutchison has made significant strides with his game as a senior. He looks primed to take advantage of the lack of wing depth in the draft, and the NBA in general, this June. He has outstanding physical tools and is a much improved ball handler and perimeter shooter.
Starting salary: $2,589,480

17. Milwaukee Bucks

***Daniel Gafford* Arkansas Freshman C**
Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 217 | PER: 27.0
Gafford made a big jump in our most recent top-100 prospect rankings, but the glut of big men in this class makes it difficult for him to crack the lottery in this team-needs-based mock draft. The Bucks are one team that could certainly be looking to add depth at the center spot, where John Henson has been holding the fort down inconsistently and Thon Maker has yet to prove his long-term viability.
Gafford's tremendous physical tools and significant upside will likely help him hear his name called somewhere in the top 20 with a strong pre-draft process.
Starting salary: $2,460,000
Phoenix will receive Milwaukee's pick if it lands in Nos. 11-16. BPI projects that Phoenix has a 45.9 percent chance of landing this pick.

18. Portland Trail Blazers

Lonnie Walker IV Miami Freshman SG
Height: 6-foot-4 | Weight: 206 | PER: 17.4
Portland's wing rotation has been highly unstable all season, as the team searches for consistent 3-point shooting and defensive versatility alongside its star guards.
Walker hasn't had a very productive freshman season, but the lack of depth at the wing position has kept his name in the first-round discussion as scouts wait to see if his performance stabilizes as the year moves on. His youth, strong frame, 6-foot-10½ wingspan and ability to shoot with his feet set or off the dribble makes him a candidate to rise during the pre-draft process as teams search for upside and diamonds in the rough.
Starting salary: $2,337,000

19. New Orleans Pelicans

***Shai Gilgeous-Alexander* Kentucky Freshman PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 171 | PER: 19.4
With Rajon Rondo in the last year of his deal and no clear successor behind him, it would make sense for the Pelicans to think about drafting a versatile point guard who can operate in different lineups without dominating the ball for a team whose usage is largely sucked up by DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.
Gilgeous-Alexander has the size, length, multi-positional defensive versatility and unselfishness needed to operate as a role-player alongside stars.
Starting salary: $2,231,760

20. Washington Wizards

Bruce Brown Miami Sophomore SG
Height: 6-foot-3 | Weight: 200 | PER: 17.6
The Wizards have been cycling through backup guards for quite some time, never quite finding the right lineup combinations to hold the fort down while All-Stars John Wall and Bradley Beal rest.
Combo guard Bruce Brown is having a disappointing sophomore year thus far, and much of his placement in this mock draft is based on the assumption that he will continue to bounce back as the season moves on. Nevertheless, he's a willing passer, lockdown defender and gritty rebounder, and he has shown enough promise with his jump shot at times to lead you to believe that he will become adequate here eventually. There's a significant market for players in his mold, provided that he finishes the season strong.
Starting salary: $2,142,360
Minnesota will receive Oklahoma City's pick if it is outside the lottery.

21. Philadelphia 76ers

***Khyri Thomas* Creighton Junior SG**
Height: 6-foot-3 | Weight: 210 | PER: 20.9
This might feel a tad high for Thomas, whose counting numbers don't jump off the page, but there's a lot to like about his fit on the Sixers rosters, considering his highly pronounced strengths.
Thomas is one of the better defenders in college basketball, capable of guarding three positions with his 6-foot-11 wingspan. He's also a willing ball-mover, a promising spot-up shooter and exactly the type of gritty and unselfish character the NBA covets in role players. The Sixers have seen their wing depth stretched incredibly thin this season and might look to bolster their rotation with a player in Thomas' mold.
Starting salary: $2,056,680
Atlanta will receive Minnesota's pick if it is outside the lottery.

22. Phoenix Suns (via Heat)

Trevon Duval Duke Freshman PG
Height: 6-foot-3 | Weight: 191 | PER: 16.7
The Suns are in dire need of a starting-caliber point guard after trading Eric Bledsoe to the Bucks.
Duval has had a somewhat disappointing freshman year thus far and has seen his stock drop significantly from where he started the season. The Suns could opt to take a flyer on the big, long-armed, athletic guard, hoping that a change of scenery and NBA spacing help him realize the potential he demonstrated in high school down the road. Duval's jump shot looks irrevocably broke, but he displays enough promise in other areas to warrant a flyer at this stage of the draft.
Starting salary: $1,974,480
Phoenix will receive Miami's pick if it is outside the top seven.

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

[Anfernee Simons]( **IMG Academy (HS) Age:** 18.4 *SG*
Height: 6-foot-4 | Weight: 183
The Cavs could very well be preparing for life without LeBron, and with that in mind, it makes sense for them to take a swing on upside and hope talent wins out.
Simons is one of the least NBA-ready players in the draft, but he's intriguing due to his combination of youth, athleticism and shot-making prowess. He's a few years away from panning out, but at this stage of the draft, there isn't much risk.
Starting salary: $1,895,520

24. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Thunder)

***Shake Milton* SMU Junior PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 207 | PER: 24.8
Minnesota's guard and wing rotation have been a work in progress since the offseason and will likely need to be shored up over the summer.
A player such as Milton, who has the size and length to defend all three backcourt spots, can operate on or off the ball and is a consistent outside shooter, could make some sense.
Starting salary: $1,819,800

25. San Antonio Spurs

***Mitchell Robinson* College: None **Freshman** C**
Height: 6-foot-11 | Weight: 215
With the Spurs' incumbent big men starters both in their mid-30s and no clear-cut successor in the waiting, it might make sense for San Antonio's front office to consider drafting a project center to develop long-term.
Robinson is one of the most talented prospects in the draft physically -- with impressive length, athleticism and shot-blocking instincts -- but he is a long ways from contributing. The fact that he elected not to play college basketball this season won't help his NBA readiness, but at some point in the draft, he's worth rolling the dice on.
Starting salary: $1,746,840

26. Atlanta Hawks (via Thunder)

***De'Anthony Melton* USC Sophomore PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-3 | Weight: 195
With the second of their three first-round picks, the Hawks might look to add some backcourt depth, specifically someone who can play behind or alongside incumbent starters Dennis Schroder and Kent Bazemore.
Melton looked to be on the verge of a breakout season for USC before the FBI investigation shut him down indefinitely. His defensive versatility, toughness and intangibles make him a prospect worth investing in.
Starting salary: $1,689,000

27. Boston Celtics

***Keita Bates-Diop* Ohio St. Junior PF**
Height: 6-foot-7 | Weight: 235 | PER: 29.9
The Celtics love long-armed, multipositional defenders who can make shots from the perimeter, and Bates-Diop has increased his stock dramatically with a breakout season.
He's been sliding among all of the frontcourt positions for surging Ohio State and looks like an ideal fit for the modern NBA if he can find a way to rev his motor into higher gear at the professional level.
Starting salary: $1,640,400
Brooklyn will receive Toronto's pick if it is outside the lottery.

28. Brooklyn Nets (via Raptors)

*Hamidou Diallo *Kentucky Sophomore SG****
Height: 6-foot-5 | Weight: 188 | PER: 16.1
The Nets were reportedly looking to lock down Diallo at the NBA draft early-entry withdrawal deadline last year, but they ultimately traded the pick after he elected to return to Kentucky.
Diallo's stock has stagnated somewhat as he hasn't made the type of progress scouts were hoping to see with his feel for the game or skill level. Still, he's one of the best athletes in the draft and could very well continue to improve with the right skill-development coaching, as he's very young and reportedly has a strong work ethic.
Starting salary: $1,630,320

29. Atlanta Hawks (via Rockets)

***Melvin Frazier* Tulane Junior SF**
Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 200 | PER: 25.2
The Hawks are still figuring out their wing rotation long-term and could look to bolster that spot with additional depth.
Frazier's stock has been moving in the right direction in what has been a very impressive junior season at Tulane. He's a tremendous athlete standing 6-foot-6 with a nearly 7-foot wingspan, and he's making 41 percent of his 3-pointers this season.
Starting salary: $1,618,320
Atlanta will receive Houston's pick if it is outside the top three.

*30. Golden State Warriors*

***Landry Shamet* Wichita St. Sophomore PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-4 | Weight: 188 | PER: 24.2
The best 3-point shooting team in the NBA is always on the lookout for more ways to stretch the court, so in some ways Shamet is a natural fit. He's shooting 50 percent from 3 on the season, combining a potent pull-up jumper with the ability to come off screens, and he's arguably the most consistent spot-up jumper in the college game.
Shamet sees most of his minutes at point guard despite standing 6-foot-4, thanks to his terrific feel for the game and all-around creativity, but there are some question marks about his ability to create his own shot at the NBA level to continue to do so as a pro.
Starting salary: $1,606,680

Round 2

31. Kings
Brandon McCoy | C | Freshman | UNLV
32. Hawks
Rodions Kurucs | SF/PF | ACB/LEB Gold | Barcelona/Barcelona 2
33. Suns
Jalen Hudson | SG/SF | Junior | Florida
34. Magic
Jevon Carter | PG | Senior | West Virginia
35. Knicks (via Bulls)
Grayson Allen | SG | Senior | Duke
36. 76ers (via Nets)
Chimezie Metu | C | Junior | USC
37. Nets (via Lakers)
Devonte' Graham | PG | Senior | Kansas
38. Mavericks
Jacob Evans | SF | Junior | Cincinnati
39. Grizzlies
Aaron Holiday | PG | Junior | UCLA
40. 76ers (via Knicks)
Kevin Hervey | PF | Senior | Texas Arlington
41. Jazz
Rawle Alkins | SG/SF | Sophomore | Arizona
42. Suns (via Hornets)
Jalen Brunson | PG | Junior | Villanova
43. Knicks (via Clippers)
Arnoldas Kulboka | SF | Italy/Champions League | Capo D'Orlando
44. Lakers (via Nuggets)
Bonzie Colson | PF | Senior | Notre Dame
45. Pacers
Allonzo Trier | SG | Junior | Arizona
46. Pistons
Amine Noua | PF | France/EuroCup | Villeurbanne
47. Bucks
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk | SG/SF | Senior | Kansas
48. Nuggets (via Blazers)
Vincent Edwards | SF/PF | Senior | Purdue
49. Bulls (via Pelicans)
Ethan Happ | PF | Junior | Wisconsin
50. Wizards
Alize Johnson | PF | Senior | Missouri State
51. Sixers
Ray Spalding | PF | Junior | Louisville
52. Rockets (via Heat)

Moritz Wagner | PF | Junior | Michigan
53. Hornets (via Cavaliers)
Matur Maker | PF | International | Mississauga Prep
54. Thunder
Isaac Haas | C | Senior | Purdue
55. Spurs
Karim Jallow | SG/SF | Germany/Germany 3 | Bayern Muenchen II
56. Wolves
Maximo Fjellerup | SF/PF | Argentina | Bahia Blanca
57. Thunder (via Celtics)
Dakota Mathias | SG/SF | Senior | Purdue
58. Suns (via Raptors)
Milik Yarbrough | SG | Junior | Illinois State
59. 76ers (via Rockets)
Donte Grantham | SF/PF | Senior | Clemson
60. Nuggets (via Warriors)
Elie Okobo | PG/SG | France | Pau-Orthez
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Can I trust reputable brokers? (confused)

Hello traders.
Long post incoming...
I'm still looking for a 100% trustworthy broker. I know, this sounds ridiculous.
I know, there are many great brokers I could use. I have tried some of them. Traded a bit, made small profits then withdrew all my money. No problems so far. These brokers are called XM, IC Markets and IQ Option. I was happy with them. But who knows for how long?
When I check FPA and TrustPilot in my free time to browse reviews (for peace of mind), I find so many negative reviews of those brokers that I haven't had any problems with. I mean seriously no problems. But people write things like they've never received their withdrawal, slippage was huge, being stop-loss hunters, spreads widen only for them, manipulate prices and so on... I could go on forever.
I never experienced these things. Am I just lucky??? While other people get scammed? Why is that??? Why would a broker scam SOME people? I don't get it.
So how can I convince myself that those brokers, I mentioned above, are good enough to work with?
Blueberry Markets and Global Prime (both AU brokers with ASIC regulation) get 99% positive reviews and feedback on FPA and TrustPilot. So technically only these two brokers are trustworthy? Because all the other brokers (I mean all) get less than 4 stars. And the two mentioned above get 5 stars.
In conclusion... should I just stick with those ASIC regulated brokers (e.g. IC Markets) I have tried before and had a positive experience with? Even though they get so many negative reviews on the Internet. I do get worried time to time.
It's just so confusing. So many people recommend a certain broker WHILE other people say that it's a scam. It's SO difficult for a newbie (9 months) to find THAT broker who will not screw me in the long term.
PS.: I'd be grateful if you could tell me which broker you use and why you TRUST them. Thank you!
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One of those days...

I met this girl in the library. English, brunette, small and very cute. Pretty face. It's exam time and everyone's been pulling all nighters or staying up late. We were in a computer room that was pretty empty, and she kept glancing over. I saw that we were studying the same thing.
We 'studied' like that for a while but actually I was just on reddit and she was playing some kind of RPG on her mobile. It was hot.
So I walked over because she was cute as hell and approach anxiety doesn't even register anymore and as soon as she saw me her eyes lit up and then she knocked her coffee over her computer keyboard. Lol.
We studied together for a while, (we had taken the same module,) answered some exam questions, flirted quite heavily and then decided to head off because it was late. She was very cute and smiley and seemed to be enjoying herself a lot.
It was like 2am or something, she lived in the halls close by, I lived far away. I decided to walk her back to her halls, because, you know, it was 2am. She was happy about it.
We walk in the night and she brags to me about how her IQ is 170 and she's in mensa and I'm like "whowh this girl is into me huh."
I see her off at the front gates and then go to head home, but not wanting to pass up a sure thing, I say to her "we should study together again, that was fun".
She gives me her number eagerly.
Skip to a few days later.
I wake around 1pm to a headache, ass taste and a dry throat. Pulled an all nighter for an exam the day before and my recovery sleep seemed to have run over deep into the next day. Oops. Gotta make up for that sleep debt I guess.
The first thing I do is drink some water, take a piss, brush my damn teeth and then check my phone and see the message;
Oh it's the girl.
She's on her way.
On her way where?
Shit, yeah. We were 'hanging out' today. Supposed to meet at 1.30.
I check the time. Shit.
I am not ready. And I will be late.
How long can I make her wait?... Well this is directly correlated to the attractiveness of the girl.
In this case, not very long.
I get a move on.
The house is a tip, and I anticipate maybe possibly potentially hopefully fucking this girl after, so I can't bring her back to a shithole can I?
I begin cleaning the house: airing out the smoke, beer cans, food wrappers, trading cards. Soon I have a substantial rubbish bag and am not gonna let it stink up the flat. I put on my trusty slippers, put the door on latch and head downstairs.
I head out the main downstairs door and deposit the rubbish bag in the bin and attempt to re-enter through the front door.
But I've only gone and done it haven't I.
I've locked myself out.
The first thing I did was buzz the neighbours. No need to panic yet. It's the downstairs front door that's locked, the door to my flat is on latch. They only need to buzz me in and I have access.
But no one was answering. I only have 2 neighbours, the cute Asian girl that lives across from me, and a European couple above. Whenever I bring over screamers they try to match us. It's pretty fun actually.
Poor asian girl though...
Anyway she wasn't answering. And neither was the couple. Well fuck they were probably at work. Of course. Real adults have real jobs and don't sleep in until 1pm to 'study'.
I weigh up my options and variables.
I should be at the library with this girl in 20 mins.
I am, quite literally, in the clothes I slept in. Luckily for me, that entails a thick hoodie and sweats, because I save money on heating and pyjamas are for fags.
Oh and my slippers of course. However, no phone, no keys, no wallet. No current way to enter the house.
I consider scaling the building, I'm a climber... but no parkour maniac. And I don't think I was stupid enough to leave any windows open.
Fuck. I realise that this date isn't gonna happen. I'm stuck outside, completely technologically naked, with no way to contact anyone.
Missing phone anxiety begins to creep in.
Gonna have to flake on the girl, cos I'm a damn idiot and locked myself out of the flat. A silent flake too... harsh.
Oh well. She'll probably like me more after anyway.
So I decide the smartest thing to do is wait for my neighbours to get back.
Which will probably be like 6 or 7 right? That's when normal people finish their normal jobs right?
Well until then I guess I just gotta kill time.
A few years ago, I woulda stressed about a situation like this, really just got stupidly anxious. But I've read Solzhenitsyn... this... this is no big deal at all. Pretty funny actually.
Lets make the most of it.
So I wonder down the high street in my slippers, and get looks from the people on the street. I probably look like a mess, unshowered and unshaven and in my sweats; but then I see my reflection in a shop window and I've got that whole just woke up bed-head grizzled college boy stoner look going on and I marvel for the 1000th time at how attractive I am. Thank god for lifting.
The slippers flop on the pavement, they probably will not last the day if I'm gonna be walking around. But oh well. I remember buying these slippers. Only a few weeks ago. I was in a store and I spotted them and immediately felt this ethereal feeling like they were important somehow and I needed them. The slippers damn called to me. So I bought em.
Interesting. Now I know why. Morphic Resonance after all. Or maybe just very good slipper marketing.
I sit on a bench by the river and watch the water. It's a cold day. I feel naked and unplugged, and for the first time, actually feel good about it. I had no phone or money, no internet connection, no dopamine inducing distractions, and I was alone with my thoughts and the cold air. A sudden weight lifted from the top of my head. It felt like I'd just taken a small dose of... something....
It was freeing. I realised it was going to be one of those days. I haven't had one of these in a while, and I cherish them.
It now has to be past the time when I was supposed to meet the girl but I have no real way to tell. I meditate for a while cos the air feels good on my face and then people-watch in the park and pet a dog. I begin listing off places to visit and planning out how I'll spend the next 5 or so hours until my neighbours get back.
It's as I am walking up the highstreet that I find what I thought was an extinct species of store.
An internet cafe.
An oasis.
Shit. Pass the tourniquet I have access again.
The Pakistani guy at the desks sees me in my slippers.
"I've locked myself out. I have no money. Can I use your computer please?"
He looks at me. "Ok. Number 5".
Thanks bro.
I get on facebook and its 2:05 and i notice she hasnt messaged me yet. Playing it cool. Nice.
I scroll reddit and memes for a while.
Then I have an idea.
I google the number of my estate agent. They should have a spare set of keys right? Paki bro let me use his phone to call them.
The lady on the other side didn't seem happy with my shit. They couldn't help me.
Plan foiled. Waiting for the neighbours it is then.
I scroll through trp for a while. The old hambeast next to me is watching some african music video and breathing very loudly through her mouth, and she's scrolling back and watching the same 10 seconds over and over. Has been doing it the whole time.
I finally get a "?" From the girl.
Nice. Still playing it cool.
I make her wait for 5 mins then hit her with the:
"cant come sorry"
She says "why"
I start to think about what I should do. But I know immediately what I'm going to do. It's one of those days after all, and I want her along for the ride.
"you could come here though"
She waits a long time before saying "where"
I message her the name of the nearest train station. She says "why though?" I tell her "lol its a surprise ".
This was obviously too much for her to bear and she texted "ok lol coming"
Wow that worked. Maybe I have her hooked already, or maybe she's just an adventurous one. Both options are great.
I didn't really have a plan for what happens next though. But who cares, I'll make it up as I go along.
Without my phone, or my wallet, I was entirely free to just drift with no responsibilities. It felt amazing.
Frankly, it felt like I was a kid again. Playing outside during summer.
I was suddenly very excited to see her.
When she arrived at the station and saw me in my slippers she gave me the goofiest smile. I could see in her eyes that she knew immediately that it will be one of those days.
"I locked myself out" I said.
"How?!?" She's laughing.
So I tell her the story, as we walk around town. I'm very self conscious that my breath might be bad due to the fact I actually haven't eaten anything yet, but am also thankful I am OCD about brushing my teeth as soon as I wake up.
I didn't really think about gaming her at all, I didn't analyse anything or hyperfocus on my actions. I just kinda went with it. It was fun, I was completely in the moment and just ran around the town and played with her, like a boy dog with a girl dog following him around. It helps that she wasn't shit testing me or anything bitchy like that, made it so easy and she happily bounced along like a lil' sidekick.
Well we try my flat again but my neighbours still aren't in, obviously, so we sit on the doorstep. I ask her if she wants to study. So we study on the doorstep for a while.
"Wait when do you have to be home?" I ask her.
"Uh, anytime." She smiles back.
"Cos I have no idea how long it will be till my neighbours get back. You don't have to wait with me the whole time you know"
"No I like it this is fun"
Wow. What a great feeling. When a pretty girl genuinely wants your company.
We chat for a while and quiz each other on metabolic pathways and then decide to wander again.
I climb a tree and then we talk about our families. I feel like a kid hanging out with his middle school girlfriend after school.
Eventually we spot a McDonalds.
So we go in. I haven't had breakfast, or eaten in hours. Fuck if I'm losing gains.
"So you know I don't have my wallet right?"
So she gets us a chicken nugget sharebox and sprites and we blow the straw packets at each other. Then we have ice cream.
We wonder by the park for a bit and it's getting colder so we head to a sports department store and check out all the cool bikes and skiing and climbing gear and I tell her I'll take her bouldering some time and she's down.
We leave and I reveal I've stolen a tennis ball and she gets mad at me becuase stealing is bad and scolds me so I keep bouncing the ball at her until she backs off and laughs and we play catch and she cant throw for shit and its cute.
The whole time, everything felt right. Like we'd been friends for ages, and we were on an adventure together.
We hit up a supermarket because I'm getting hungry again and we buy ham and dark chocolate and tangerines, and a jar of pickles. I wanted to get salted pistachios and mentioned it but the pistachios were very expensive and she was paying so... This time though we had a security guard following us around. For good reason too, I was still traipsing around in my slippers, which were muddy and beginning to fall apart. Probably looked like we were on drugs.
She pays again and I mentally add the tab up in my head with the nuggets. As we leave the guard says to us "scuse me did ya pay for those" and I say "why would we steal pickles mate" and she waves the receipt at him and gives him that Stacey disgust sneer that we've all sadly been on the receiving end of. It was astounding watching the pretty girl face morph into ultimate bitch putdown mode. There are probably betas in her life who only ever know her as this.
But hey I get to experience the cute, dorky side of her, and I'm loving it.
We leave the supermarket and she reveals that she actually stole the pistachios and hid them in her purse and I hug her cos I'm proud and squeeze her ass and then we eat our meal in the park.
After the meal we lay together on the grass for a while and I give the tennis ball to a dog that tried to steal our food and then we attempt the neighbours again but still nothing and its like 6pm and I'm starting to get a bit irked.
It's beginning to get cold now and I'm afraid the girl is getting bored of me and also that my neighbours might just have gone away for ever and I don't wanna have to call a locksmith but soon it will be late. I decide to take her to the one place in town I haven't taken her to yet.
Paki bro is cool again with us using the computers, and so we browse memes together for a while, and the hambeast is still there literally doing the same thing as before. She tells me about rick and morty but I don't really like rick and morty but I pretend its cool anyway cos why not and then I show her reddit and she doesn't really get it and then I tell her 9/11 was an inside job and we spend the next 2 hours arguing over conspiracy theories.
I make 4 journeys to check on the neighbours in the meantime and my slippers are broken and flapping at this point and its fucking almost 9pm and no one is home yet. I really don't want to have to do the lame and expensive option of getting a locksmith but its getting increasingly likely. What if my neighbours were just away? I hadn't heard them banging in a while tbh...
Everytime I get back to the cafe she is slouched there scrolling instagram and she hasn't left yet and its dark now and the cafe has got that dingy yellow light grimeyness to it and with the pretty bored girl sitting there and the ambience it looked like a damn Hopper painting and that snapshot remains imprinted in my mind. Really nice.
I tell her no one is stopping her from going home as it's getting late.
She says she feels bad for me and wants to see me get tucked in bed nice and warm.
At 9 pm I break and realise my neighbours probably aren't coming back tonight and it was just my luck (or providence) that I got locked out today. I decide to go for the last resort and call up a locksmith using the girls phone. I'm bit grumpy about it but also got shit to do tomorrow.
"I only have 1 door I'm locked out of how much and how long?"
The lady on the other side said £70. Reasonable. 40mins.... Sure.
But first I have to run it by the girl.
"You're not broke are you?"
"I need 70 for the locksmith"
"Sure" she says
"Okay please come immediately" I tell the lady.
We leave and I attempt to give the internet cafe guy £10 of her money as a gesture of thanks but he's not having it and seems more invested in the asian tv show he's watching anyway.
So we go to the ATM so she can withdraw the cash and then return to the doorstep to wait for the locksmith.
It seems locksmiths and drug dealers have a lot in common. They always seem to be '20 more minutes".
After 80 mins the girl starts yawning and I begin to shiver cos it's cold and she cuddles up to me. I call again and basically shout at the lady on the phone to hurry up and also to give me a discount. She says 10%. I say that's not enough and I wanted 20. She said 'ok ok'.
I can feel myself getting hot angry at the whole situation now but I catch myself cos I know its stupid and I don't wanna break frame in front of the girl.
So finally, after 90 mins the guy arrives and I think its gonna be a simple affair but nope, life ain't that easy.
Final Boss
So this guy shows up and he's eyeing me up oddly and eyefucking the pretty girl. He asks what needs opening.
I show him the front door and the top latch lock that just needs to be picked or whatever, I actually have no idea how locksmiths operate but I'm sure he's had this a million times before.
He gives me a 'hmmm' and a 'haaa' and says "well it looks like I'm gonna have to drill it"
That sounds expensive.
"Drill it? Is there nothing else you can do?"
"No I'm gonna have to remove the lock and install a new one"
"Does that mean new keys and shit?"
"Yeah I'm afraid so"
"Hey man I don't wanna bother my neighbours just cos I'm an idiot, you sure there's no other way you can try?"
"No this happens all the time only way is to drill it out" he seems pretty sure of himself.
"Nah dude I'm not gonna pay for that".
It's got a bit tense because we both realise neither of us is willing to back down yet. The girl can feel the animosity between us but she seems to know her place and doesn't say anything.
The frame battle continues.
I weigh up my options. I need to get in. This guy wants to rob me. I could get a new locksmith, that means another 90 mins probably, and maybe another scumbag. Fuck that I want to get inside now.
Then I think back to one of the first lessons I learned when i stumbled across this subreddit.
"Your greatest power as a man is your ability to walk away".
I smile.
"Okay dude cool I'm not gonna inconvenience my neighbours, will figure out how to get in tomorrow"
I ask the girl "hey, can we go back to your place tonight?
She's surprised but says "sure of course".
"Cool that's sorted then, sorry dude I'm just a broke student you know haha"
I see the panic of a lost sale in his eyes, he realises that I'm not bluffing.
But I give him an opening. In truth, I actually want this damn door open. You must always give them an opening to backtrack, it helps them save face.
"Could you just give it one last look though just to make sure?"
"You know what mate, let me try something" he says, as he rummages in his van.
Of fucking course. You go for it mate. You try something mate.
So he grabs this long hook claw thingy and feeds it through the letter box and opens the door in 4 seconds flat and I wanna bash his fucking head in but mostly I'm just glad that we're finally inside and it's warm and also victory tastes sweet cos absolutely fuck this guy. Don't blame him that much tbh, most people are weak and agreeable and probably fall for this one all the fucking time, but that's still such an asshole way to do business.
So she hands me the cash but I give her 20 back and she has a £5 note and so I give him the £55 (for 5 mins worth of work not bad bro) and he says
"Its 70 mate"
I get a hot flash of anger. Wow. Round 2 it is.
"Your boss gave me 20% off for being late"
"I wasn't told anything about that" he says.
"Well she did"
He pauses for a moment. Still holding the money. I can feel the girl get more anxious. We're inside now and the silence makes the tension worse.
I'm pissed. "Whether she told you or not you still owe me a discount you were very late"
He smiles. It's a good shit eating smirk, ladies must like it.
"Okay but its 56."
Thus guy must be joking.
The hot anger cools into a shrewd sharp chill as I realise.
Fuck this guy. I know exactly what he's doing. If he's not gonna get his cash, he'll at least try and make me sperg out and break frame in front of the girl. Petty but effective, cant allow me to win too hard can he?
I give them both a smile. "Do you have a pound babe?" I ask her. She doesn't. So I go upstairs and grab a pound from my loose change. It feels great to be back in my home again. I also clean up a bit more and fabreeze. Lol.
Probably should not have left her downstairs alone with the asshole, but I get back down and he hasn't cucked me so I put the coin straight into his palm.
"Okay we're done you can go now"
He seems pleased with himself and leaves.
We get upstairs and I put the radiators on, down a glass of water and stare at myself in the bathroom mirror for a while to try to dissipate the anger. Such a great day and one guy's gotta be an asshole and ruin it.
Then I realise that I don't have to think about it that way and actually I just smashed through a significant confrontation that I would have failed miserably years ago. This is the kind of shit Dads train you for and I never had a Dad but shit, I managed to do it. They say TRP is just for picking up women but honestly it's so much more; this place taught me how to hold frame and power-talk and navigate confrontations like this. Beforehand I would have been an agreeable pussy and bent over for the guy.
And the day had been fucking great too. A day disconnected from responsibilities and exams and social media. A day free of anxiety, where I could just flow in the moment and mess around with a cute girl like I did when I was a kid... And had I never even spoke to the girl, had I pussied out in that one pivotal moment in the library, this day would never have happened.
Always approach guys, you never know where the story with that girl will go, and pussying out kills the story before it even gets to start. Regret is always worse than rejection.
As I think about this I give myself shivers and am proud, and then smile in the mirror like a fucking psycho and scare myself.... but then realise its not that bad and I can smile when I'm proud if I want it's no big deal.
I enter the living room and she's taken off her coat and shoes and looks at me warmly and says "you have a nice place" and I say 'thanks' and then she immediately and very eagerly begins removing my clothes.
The next morning we cook breakfast and I'm head chef and she's like my nurse handing me scalpels and shit and its fun to boss her around and she follows my instructions. Afterwards I walk her to the high street to see her off. At the ATM I withdraw all the money from the tab I racked up yesterday and pay it all back immediately. Then I kiss her off at the station.
I feel pretty darn great about myself and basically skip home and jump into bed and just take some time to process things now that I'm finally alone.
The whole of yesterday was amazing, and I learnt so much about myself. All it took was some damn disconnection from life for a while.
I consider trashing my phone and getting a brick. Could I make the leap? Probably a good fucking idea. We know now that Zuck is listening to everything we say, and I'm trying to avoid getting on more lists than the many I'm already on.
Then I think about the girl, and just how lovely and sweet she was to be around. It was like she energised and supported me, gave me the life and exuberance I was missing. I suddenly really wanted to see her again, and felt the first few hints of one-itis settle in... She was so nice and feminine and smart and loyal and had the whole girl next door "would never cheat on u" vibe going. Hey, if we were a couple this would be a great origin story to tell people... I wonder what our kids would look like...
I settle for going on facebook to look at her pictures and miss how pretty she is.
I click on her profile pic which is very demure and innocent and makes her look smart and then I see it instantly.
"In a relationship with"
Lol. Why did I get my hopes up. What was I expecting.
AWALT after all.
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The REAL purpose and truth behind noFap/a manual on life - read this if you're on DAY 0, DAY 5, DAY 18, DAY 90, DAY 341, IF YOU FAILED A 188 DAY STREAK, ANY DAY DOESN'T MATTER - TRUST ME AND READ IT! (NO CLICKBAIT) (LONG TEXT) (MOTIVATIONAL)

Hey guys!
this gonna be a long text but it's gonna be worth for you at the end, just trust me. I'm trying my best to write proper english and minimize the grammar mistakes - I'm not a native english speaker. You may find yourself reading things you already know but I'm trying to summarize all the information and bring them together in a greater context. If someone actually wrote the same things and already explained what I'm trying to explain, then I'm sorry - I'm just trying to help by bringing all this information together in ONE "guide", so not everyone has to do it by themselfes.
I will first try to build a foundation of key elements you have to understand and talk a little bit about myself, then carry out more detailed steps to acutally beat your addiction(s) and find fulfillment in your life. Try to be awake and concentrated while reading this (think about drinking a coffee, taking a cold shower or whatever gets you awake to read through a long but rewarding text).
My name is Felix, I'm 24 years old, born and raised in southern Germany. There is a picture of me at the bottom of this "guide". I would appreciate if you finish the text/guide first and then look it up, so you dont have any wrong assosications or you're to busy thinking about my appearance, it's just my outer look, see it as a reward. The main focus of this text/guide is to bring back the happiness of every person that is reading this text because thats what noFap is all about, it's kind of a therapy. The text is really long but necessary.
Let's start:
I lost my happiness and balance in life 7-8 years ago. I started smoking weed at a young age - I was around 15 years old, everything was fine til my parents busted me at the age of 16-17 (didn't remember exactly), forced me to do regular piss tests and to stop smoke weed. To the day my parents busted me everything was fine. I had a healthy relationship to woman, to masturbation, to porn, I didn't abuse any form of drug (although smoking at this young age isn't benefical for your developement - I know that) / actions that released dopamin or serotonin in a unhealthy pattern. I had a healthy social life, my grades in school were good and every day was a joy. But the fear and controlling behaviour of my parents destroyed the natural balance of my happiness, I don't blame them for that. They never smoked weed in their lifes and for them weed was the same as harder drugs like cocaine etc. They had all the right to protect me from that drug but they did it in a very bad way. The problem isn't always the problem, the handling of the problem is mostly the real problem. I lost my trust to them because they took away my happiness by taking away my free-will to consume a plant that is less harmful then alcohol which is allowed at the age of 16 in Germany (beer, wine, etc).
In hind-sight I tried everything to pursue my happiness I had before they busted me. My masturbation and porn behaviour started to get unhealthy. I found myself jerking off to really weird shit (I don't think I have to elaborate what exactly, we all know). I didn't understand that I ever could get a problem with jerking off and watching strangers sex-life on the internet. A mentally abused woman getting hammered away by three black guys isn't something you should watch in the time you experience your body ,sexuality and first steps with a girl . This isn't reality guys, it's just a fantasy that is acted and monetized! Many people had to suffer so you were able to have this kind of entertainment - think about that the next time you have the urge to watch porn.
I think most of the people that suffer from PMO (addicted to porn in combination with masturbation) grew up with the rise of the internet. We are the first generation that is experiencing the direct and hard effects/consequences of being addicted to porn. That's why this noFap-movement is so important.
Masturbation isn't the problem - it just finishes off the process of watching porn by rewarding you with a second but not so strong chemical release (just my opinion - this could be wrong)! Our dads jerked off to but they didn't had the medium of infinite HD porn covering up every fetish you possibly could have - in just a mouse click. Masturbation and porn somehow was a taboo-topic, nobody ever really talked about it. Nobody ever warned you about the effects of brutal porn followed by finishing off to that. Maybe someone told you not to watch porn or masturbate but didn't tell you the reason behind. Everyone is so scared and sensitive talking the truth about a topic this personal and intimate. Everyone in life always told me what to do and what not to do - but only a few people actually explained to me why. If you're an intelligent and complex person like me, you need to understand the reason why you shouldn't do this or that in order to the right things in life.
I personally never had the problem of finding a woman to have fun with, whether it's sex, a kiss or just getting my hands onto some nice boobs. But I never truly loved a woman, I just "admired" her body and mistakend that "admiring" with real love. I slept with about 25-30 woman and kissed over 100 random woman (I lost track of it, it's way more). I'm not proud of that - I'm ashamed from the bottom of my heart. I used all those wonderful woman for my own satisfaction, insecurietes and problems in life. I couldn't cope within a healthy, natural way. I never found true love because I couldn't love their character. I never found true love because I couldn't love and accept myself. True love is what everyone is seeking in life. Love is an instinct, understand that. I personally don't know anyone that is really happy fucking around with the 182th woman in their life while being 46 years old and not having any kids or family. e.g. Hank Moody isn't content with that either, although it brings him temporary pleasure - he always chases that one woman.
Some of you may be distracted by the fact that im only 8 days into myFap streak. I gotta admit, its my first real streak attempt and this is the longest I ever stopped watching porn and masturbating to it. How can this guy tell me what noFap is REALLY about, whats behind all the little tricks and what's the point of achieving 90 days and why noFap isn't over after 90 days. In my opinion the 90 days is just the time you need to recover physically and mentally. For some it takes longer for some shorter. After you rebooted your system you have to start a new programm. You can't just reboot and suddenly expect to be 100% happy and fullfilled, that's not how life works. But no worries - I will try my best to explain how you start a new programm - how you start a new life! As I said don't be distracted by my streak. We are all fighting an addiction and for me this my, hopefully, last addiction. Not to be conceited but I don't know any person that tried to quit this many addictions so many times over and over again. Although I failed to beat my addictions on a long term, I'm having the willpower to beat so many addictions in a small time frame and I know I won't fail this time, there is no option to ever fail again.
I beat my amphetamine (Speed) addiction 4 Weeks ago, my weed and nicotine addiction 2 weeks ago (we are mixing tobacco and weed in germany, I was a daily smoker too - I know it's dumb), my addiction to animal fats (meat) 1 week ago and had already beaten other addictions like sugar, excessive gaming and internet (browsing videos on youtube for hours without the control and free-will to stop when I want). I use gaming as tool to improve my cognitive abilites and to win over other people (PUBG baby!), especially men - that's just a primitive instinct of being superior to another men (alpha > beta). Learn to use those things like a tool- to improve a goal you want to achieve. Internet -> socializing and sharing information with others. Food -> e.g. to improve and enhance your muscle growth. There is no problem to watch youtube videos 30 minutes to relax after you went to the gym. There is no problem of eating a big steak to reward yourself after you hit 30 days of noFap. The dose makes the poison - my father always told me.
That was my story, I felt it was necessary to tell and to be 100% honest with you guys - otherwise this would be another guide with half-truths and cure for the symphtoms not the problem itself. I hope you don't judge me for anything. Everything I did wrong led me to this point in my life. To this sentence, to this realisation what life and happiness is really about and now I'm trying my best to help others to find their happiness again. I always wanted to help others - bringing happiness to other people is my currency - I'm not rich in money but rich in my own currency. Enough talking about myself, it's about you:
Understand that fighting your addictions will be the hardest thing you possibly ever could experience. The pain, frustration, depression and anxiety will be causing so much pain. Understand that this pain is part of the healing process and it's TEMPORARY and there is no problem with failing and relapsing, but everytime you relapse you have to go through the same pain again, think about the pain you have to go through again, the next time you have the urge to open porn and masturbate to it.
  1. Identify your addiction: I personally didn't knew that porn was really the main problem. Thanks to @waveshapper2 for pointing this out to me (you made this whole text possible by getting me out of that hole yesterday). I often fapped to my imagination but in hindsight I only felt guilty and bad when I watched porn beforehand. Excessive masturbation to weird imaginations can cause the same problems as watching porn, only a few people do it though. This point is very essential to understand. You have to be 100% honest with yourself otherwise noFap won't work. Honesty to yourself is the first step to beating every addiction. You can't beat your addiction if you don't realize your addicted to something.
  2. Inform yourself about the addiction: Inform yourself about the withdrawl-symptoms - don't be anxient to look up the process that takes place in your brain while you're on the withdrawal. I didn't knew that noFap/stop watching porn can cause this much of withdrawal symptoms. After reaching my 7 day peak on Sunday, feeling like a god, I woke up completly depressed, exhausted and left without any hope on monday. I didn't knew the withdrawal-symptoms had hit me like a train. You need to understand why you feel this way. It's getting way more easy to cope with the withdrawal if you know what to expect and how to react. Yesterday this video helped me a lot to understand what is going on in my body and brain and made me focus enough again to write this whole text:
  3. Are you addicted to something else? Guys this is one part where most of the people fail. As I mentioned in Step 1 - you have to be 100% honest to yourself. Otherwise you will never be 100% happy and fullfilled because you are still addicted to another thing. I can give u many examples: Internet, Gambling, Drugs, Food (animal fat/sugachemical ingredients in your favorite snack that you eat everyday), you can get addicted to pretty much anything in this world, but I will talk about this point later. Don't get obsessed though, don't try to see an addiction where there isn't one. Smoking a fat joint with your buddies on a beautiful summer day won't make you a weed addict. Not being able to enjoy the time with your friends or generally not being able to enjoy your life without weed makes you an addict. As I said many people fail at this part of identifying their addictions. They think they can stop beating their meat to strangers on the interwebz and all of a sudden they wake up as superman. That's not how noFap works. NoFap is just a therapy for your porn-addiction. Some addictions can be beaten so easily by not repeating that pattern of behaviour for a short amount of time. Don't be to anxient but identify and get rid of EVERY SINGLE ADDICTION. Otherwise you won't be able to live 100% happy and remember life isn't designed to be 100% happy all the time. That's an uthopia in the human-mind created by modern society.
  4. Quit the addiction: It's best to plan your quitting. Don't pick the week before your finals. Start thinking about whether you take a break from work (if that is possible in your enviroment) when the withdrawal-smythoms hit you. But I can't give you an general manual on that. There are to many variables that I can't fully cover with this guide - it would be even longer than it already is. For some its better to keep working and stay busy while you're on the withdrawal of any addiction, some people need to drop any form of responsibilities to be able to go through a withdrawal. Listen to yourself, not my words in this step. It's wise to not stop every addiction on the same day/week. I wasn't able to stop the amphetamin, weed and nicotine on the same day, so I first stopped the more urgent addiction in order to stop the others. If you have multiple addictions, priotize them for their importance and take your time for every addiction. This is essential, otherwise the chances of relapsing will be much higher, depending on the willpower you have. KEEP READING - there is more to come!!!!!
  5. Withstand the withdrawal of porn (this will be day 7-90, its all mixed up and diffrent for everyone single person): I gotta be honest with you on this one, this is the hardest but most rewarding part. I can't flatter this point. This step can be like fucking hell for some of us. Many people fail at this point because withdrawal-symphtoms can hit you at any time although you might think you overcome them and are passed this phase - that's why its so important to understand and identify a withdrawal symptom - you have to know when the withdrawal-symptoms beat the living shit out of you and when you just have bad day because you slept bad. You have to go through this, there is no easy way - keep yourself busy, reward yourself, tell other people around you that you have withdrawal symphtoms so they won't judge you for acting weird (this takes a lot of courage - as it takes me to be 100% honest and write this whole text and sharing my face on the internet). "If you're going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill (Thank you emergency tool - saved me yesterday). Implementing meditation in your life at this point seems to be helpful for many people including myself (How to meditate
  6. Experience and use the new energy (physically/mentally): after you "survived" the withdrawal you get rewarded with a lot of energy. Use this energy to become the person you always wanted to be. Identify your insecurities and fears! Many people fail at this point of noFap, you gotta keep fighting, keep improving yourself. Keep working on your body, keep working on your social skills, keep pursuing the goals you wanna achieve in life. The withdrawal rewards you with the energy to do the things you always wanted to do. You won't get the woman of your dreams by sitting at home with all that energy. KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING. Start a new programm after you rebooted (I like to see it as a new installation of windows for myself, not just a reboot). Don't open the old programms, you know you don't get happy with them on the longterm. Maybe for a few months til you fall back into old patterns. KEEP FIGHTING, BE STRONG, BE HUMBLE, BE KIND, BE HONEST, BE THE PERSON YOU DREAMED OF WHILE JERKING OFF TO STRANGERS!!!!!
  7. Find a woman/man - find a partner (everyone is diffferent - be honest about your own sexuality): To keep it easy im going on with woman for the rest of the guide (it's not much of a diffferent if you're into guys) but for the most part of the people that will read this: it's woman.
  8. (This point is optional: Fuck around all you want if you didn't already but I gurantee you this won't lead to happiness and fullfilment on the longterm (USE A CONDOM THOUGH, PLEASE!!!!!)). It's good to have some real sexual experience before you enter a relationship so you won't regret it later on to not have used your won confidence to fuck some triple A girls. But don't get lost in it - you can get addicted to it as well, don't forget the person behind the outer appearance. This step depends on your own will and I rather take it in the guide before some smartass points out the fact that you have to experience your own sexuality first. Imagine yourself as a caveman looking for a cavewoman. You wouldn't choose a pretty cavewoman who can't prepare and cook the food you gathered, can't raise the kids while you're on the hunt, who can't sew the clothes out of the won materials. You wouldn't survive on the longterm - it would be against your own instinct.
  9. Continuation of step 7 - Find a woman that you're able to love and give her and yourself the needed time to fall in love: Also a very important point, you're not falling in love with a woman in 1-2 weeks, maybe your dick but not your heart and soul. Being honest to yourself is a key element in this step. Not getting attached to the first, second or third woman you get to know is a possible scenario. (It may be possible to find the right one with the first girl you ask out though). GIVE YOURSELF THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW HER IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT! Don't be generous with your love, be honest whether you really like/love a woman in all her facetes: Her character, looks, flaws, believes, political views,genetics, IQ (I can't love a woman that is inferior to my mind - SORRY) and more. My father told me it took him several years and many woman to find the woman he married - my mothe*r. He's loving her to death for 30 years *now - I enter the kitchen sometimes to find my father grabbing my mothers boobs and kissing her from behind like a 18 year old that is in fresh relationship with his first girlfriend. Then they both just laugh when I'm standing there shaking my head. This is real love guys, after 30 years, just imagine this number in a fast paced world with the options between so many women. Finding the right one is a task you can't complete in a short period of time - you can but you will regret it one day - trust me. Be patient with yourself and be patient with the woman you admire. Don't get sad when she rejects you - don't go back to wanking and being a miserable loner.
  10. Don't stop working on this love by constantly making this woman happy, don't stop loving yourself, don't stop being happy. Being happy isn't a destination - it's a path you never ever wanna leave again once you entered it.
  11. If something tragic happens in your life, take all the time needed to mourn and feel sad but with the knowledge of getting back up again, don't fall in old patterns by abusing that dopamin and serotonin rush to feel human again - it will destroy you from the bottom of your heart. Every pain you ever will feel is the tribute for the gift of the existence - the pain is the price you gotta pay to live this life with all the amazings you can do. Learn to accept this pain from the bottom of your heart. It will get easier everytime something bad happens, but carrying my dad to the grave, the person that shot me into my mother, will be more tragic then anything else. Carrying my mother to the grave, the person that carried the little wanker 9 months around and finally shit me out with the worst physical pain a human could feel (we all know getting hit in the balls is worse but let's show respect to all the CONSTANT pain woman have to go through monthly in order to create life), will be more tragic then anything else. That's the most tragic thing that could happen to ME, it's different for everyone else. I cried like a little bitch while writing these lines of text, I'm honest about that but this is life and while I sat here crying I realized there is only one thing more tragic: Carrying your own child to the grave. I never killed myself, although I had the urge to, because the love to my parents was stronger and kept me in this world. The pain I would have caused would have literally killed them and with that I would have destroyed the life of so many other people e.g. the life of my sisters. SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION, NEVER, NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP, NEVER!!!! If you kill yourself, you kill the people around you and you give up mentally, you are a walking dead for the rest of your life which is literally the same as being depressed. You kill the people around you to with that, mentally not physically. Depression is a disease that spread across the world. So many people gave up, so many people gave up on their addictions and decided to live life like a little bitch, that's why our planet is full of problems. People gave up. But I'm not a little bitch, my father raised a warrior, I am a warrior, you didn't give up to this point of your life and kept reading this text, because you are A WARRIOR, OUR KIDS WILL BE WARRIORS BECAUSE THEY GET RAISED BY WARRIORS!!!! Let's make this planet full of warriors again. Don't give up. If you fail after a 188 day streak, get yourself back up and fight again. You can loose a battle but you will never loose war. I didn't gave up because the love to my partents was stronger than the thought of giving up and that's what life is all about: Love. We didn't became the dominant species on earth while being loners in our caves wanking to drawing of other cavewomen getting fucked by other cavemen. Dopamin is the reason we socialise, reptils like crocodiles don't use dopamin as part of their brain functioning. They are lone-wolfs showing no empathy or love for others, not because they are coldblooded but because they don't have the chemical key elements to feel love. Love is more then dopamin though. Endorphin plays a big role to, thats why a girl is more likely to fall in love with you if you make her laugh by a joke. Laughing is realeasing endorphin and serotonin. Don't get to focused on all the different chemicals. It's just a complex chemical reaction behind a simple feeling. The chemical reaction leading to love requires dopamin to be around, so you have the urge to socialize with others. Understand that your addiction stops your body/brain from producing it. That's why you "love" wanking and watching porn and that's why you feel shitty when you stop it and go on a streak. Win your addictions and you win in life.
I'm completly done after writing this text. It took me 6 hours of straight writing and another 2 hours to check for mistakes, I looked up more then 200 words online so you can understand the full meaning of what I'm saying. But I'm just the bringer of this information, if this guide on life/noFap will help you, don't thank me - thank my father - he is the mastermind behind all the important messages I gave you. That's why I know so much although im just at the point of dealing with the withdrawal sympthoms, there is so much more for me to fight for. But he gave me the knowledge and energy to gather all that information and bring them up in context. I just sacrificed my time and concentration. I might not be right with everything in detail but think I'm right with the general message. Maybe this guide isn't helping everyone but if I'm able to help just one of you guys overcoming his addiction and get happy then this guide was worth the time and pain I invested.
I wish every single one of you the best possibly outcome in your life, you earned if you read through the whole thing - you can do it guys - trust me. I wish y'all peace, love, happiness and last but not least GOOD SEX.
Here's the promised picture of myself, I thought you might appreciate to see the face behind this text. I felt it would be more human instead of just writing all the words and you reading it.
Me after I finished the guide - I'm gonna grab a pizza as a reward now
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